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COVID19 update: SCA donates thousands of masks, other supplies

In response to a plea from the White House for donations of supplies to hospitals, clinics, and other medical providers, Somebody Cares is in the process of donating thousands of N95 masks, normally used by SCA for wildfires and relief efforts involving mold from flooding. Recipients include medical relief ministries in Texas and California; various medical practitioners in Texas; a testing clinic in the Houston area; a military base quarantine site; and our Somebody Cares Baltimore chapter, which is working alongside the local police department and the National Guard to help with the crisis in their community.

SCA also donated personal supplies to 1Team1Fight Ministries in Houston to deliver to the elderly, widows, and disabled. “These are individuals who cannot make it to the stores,” explained Calvin Miller. “We are preparing care packages which include hygiene items, adult diapers, and toilet paper.”

In addition, we have donated cleaning supplies, hygiene kits, and women’s hygiene products to a local transitional home for men and women, and our office is receiving calls from individuals in need. One call came from an elderly woman who needed food and supplies. With the help of ministry partner Seniority Services, she is now receiving hot meals delivered daily.

“If we all do what we can, we can make a difference,” says Doug Stringer. “I encourage you to continue giving to local churches and ministries like ours that are working to serve those in need during this time. “

SCA currently has an opportunity to assist our chapter in Baltimore with delivering 2,000-6,000 meals each day to first responders and residents in high risk areas. Please pray and give generously today.

Thank you for caring!

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