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The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked the country of Haiti in January left hundreds of thousands of Haitians homeless.

People are still living in tents and make-shift shelters on the streets, parks and amongst the rubble of what was once their home. $1200 can provide a family a home due to a generous match by Projecthulp Haiti!

Incidents of rape and molestation in the tent cities are high, adding to the trauma and stress of the women and children. Together we can provide homes for now homeless Haitians and work for some who lost jobs due to the quake!

Somebody Cares has found a factory in Port-au-Prince that is fabricating wooden homes that meet recommended standards for both hurricane and earthquake resistence. The factory provides real jobs with real salaries to Haitian workers, supporting the local economy and helping people get back on their feet so they no longer need handouts.

Originally Somebody Cares planned to assemble 8’X12′ homes in the US and then ship them to Haiti. Recently however, customs and shipping have become increasingly difficult and expensive. So a better solution was sought.

The homes selected are at least twice as large as the one originally planned. In addition to more living space, there is a loft for storage. Once built, families can easily make modification or expand it to meet their needs.  The homes should last 7 to 10 years at a minimum.  Since many families will use these homes as their primary resident for 3 or more years as they rebuild, this is a better situation.



Once fabricated, the homes will be moved to and assembled on-site by skilled workers under the supervision of a local pastor to insure accountability. The pastors will continue to minister to these families as they deal with the trauma and grief they experience due to their tremendous loss.

*Improvements continue to be made in the design of the homes, actual homes built may be slightly different than shown.



$1,200 can provide a home. This includes materials, transportation and assembly on-site!

Due to a generous match by Projecthulp Haiti (a Dutch organization), Somebody Cares is able to provide a home to a family with each donation of $1,200.

The pre-fabricated home itself costs $2,160.  Somebody Cares is responsible for $720 of that with the rest being covered by Projecthulp Haiti.  Somebody Cares is then responsible for transporation to the home site as well as paying for a skilled carpenter and crew to erect the home on-site.

What would you pay to provide a safe, secure shelter for your family?

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Consider joining together as a family, Bible Study, Sunday School, social club, work team or Church to put a Haitian family in a secure shelter as soon as possible!

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Ways to Get Involved

1.    Sponsor a Home of Hope individually or with a group of family, friends or colleagues.
2.    Pray for the Homes of Hope project.
1.    Safety and favor in the building, shipping and assembling process.
2.    Provision for the project.
3.    Health and well being for the families waiting the homes.

Thank you for caring!

Visit the Homes of Hope for Families Page >>