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Field Report from The Bahamas


Lisa Stringer, Jodie Chiricosta, and Iris Relief representative were able to present solar powered lights and other supplies to local churches and pastors, like Pastor Outten of New Life Church on Grand Bahamas, for their relief efforts.

Lisa Stringer and Jodie Chiricosta, SCA Vice President, were in The Bahamas this week and sent this report.

“In the midst of the vast need in The Bahamas, and while still dealing with the terrifying experience so many Dorian survivors faced during the hurricane, the Church and government called a National Day of Prayer.  They made it a priority to thank the Lord for His protection and ask Him for provision to rebuild.  The situation is certainly dire for many people there, and will be for the foreseeable future, but it could have been far worse.  It was such a blessing to be a part of their night of thanks and prayer.


We met with several people involved in leading relief efforts on Grand Bahama island who personally lost everything in the storm.  They are serving in borrowed clothes while living with friends or neighbors.  The hospital administrator in Freeport told us many of the doctors and nurses are in the same situation having lost everything and have no home, no vehicle, not even a change of clothes.  The hospital was filled with flood water and virtually all their life-saving equipment was destroyed.  The same happened to community clinics across the island.  We will be communicating with them to see how the Somebody Cares network can help with much needed medical equipment and supplies.


Our partners Iris Relief and Crisis Response International are also serving faithfully on the ground – passing out solar and battery powered lights in communities without power, distributing goods that are shipped in, and providing chaplaincy and crisis counseling to traumatized people.  Lisa and I delivered Somebody Cares comfort bears to pastors in both Nassau, for Abaco evacuees, and Freeport, for children who have suffered loss.  And also provided art supplies in Freeport to help children process their grief through art therapy. One of the biggest needs expressed by every pastor and leader we spoke with is the need for crisis counseling – thousands of people are still in shock and suffering from trauma.  At their invitation, we plan to provide training in crisis and trauma counseling to pastors and lay leaders.”


We are so glad to be a part of bringing relief and helping with recovery efforts for this nation that looks to the Lord as their source!  Recovery will be a long-haul and finances are greatly needed to meet the needs.  Please continue to pray for The Bahamas, and to give generously if you can at!  We, and the very gracious people of The Bahamas thank you!

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