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Helping Families Caught in the Undertow of Ike

National media attention about the devastation of Ike is over, but the need is not over. It is still very real. After seeing thousands of people receive hot meals and visiting families whose homes were damaged in the storm Mike Lynch, our partner from Blood-N-Fire, explains “people are still caught in the undertow of Hurricane Ike.”  That is why Somebody Cares America and our vast network of ministry partners continue to help.

In Texas City, across the bridge from Galveston, over 1500 hot meals a day are being served as well as groceries, water, cleaning supplies distributed to help people who are gutting their homes.  Hot meals, groceries, cleaning supplies and toiletries are also be given out in Galveston as well as in Montgomery County, Orange and Bridge City; areas which were also badly affected by Ike.

Counties north and east of Houston sustained severe damaged from wind that downed trees and whipped across rooftops, porches and outbuildings. Electricity in some outlying areas is still out.  Somebody Cares has been able to provide some generators to power essentials as well as chainsaws for crews to clear roads and yards.  A professional tree service from South Carolina has volunteered time and equipment to come in and remove larger trees on homes and light polls.

In communities ravaged by flood waters, Somebody Cares America and partner ministries have mobilized volunteer crews to help those in need to mud out homes and clear debris.  Just this week one of the teams went to the home of an elderly couple, both in their 80’s, on oxygen and with no insurance.  The team is cleaning out what cannot be salvaged and preparing their home for repairs.  This sweet couple couldn’t believe that someone came to help them for free!

In Bridge City a team helped a local city councilman who had been living at the local city hall trying to help the city he serves.  His wife was helping get her elderly parents home livable.  Neither of them had a chance yet to think about dealing with the loss of their own home.  As they team began cutting sheet rock out of the house, one member saw marks on a door frame showing the height growth of their children.  Sensing it was important, the team gently pulled the frame and set it aside to give to the councilman.  When he and his wife saw the growth marks they broke down and wept.  You see, their 21 year old son had been killed in a tragic motorcycle accident just a year ago.  They had done their best to get anything that held family memories, but had forgotten about the growth chart.  They were so thankful for the thoughtfulness of the team and said that they wanted to do the same for others.

It is hard to comprehend the number of lives devastated by Ike.  Every day teams drive by home after home with mounds of personal items and drywall on the curb.  For many, everything was lost, furniture, appliances, beds, and personal belongings.   Loving acts of kindness done in Jesus name give hope to those who don’t know how they will go on.

Please join us in caring for and encouraging thousands of families who have lost so much by making a donation today!

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