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Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ through word and deed is a basic tenet of our faith. Our faith motivates our action, and sharing the goodness of God with others is a natural part of who we are called to be. While much of the sharing is done as we live our lives and work in our communities, there are times when specific events or campaigns are initiated to have a broader impact.

Jericho Marches and Jericho Drives

The basis for the Jericho March and Drive is found in Joshua chapter 6, where Joshua and the armies of Israel march around the walls of Jericho seven times, after which the walls come tumbling down. Spiritually speaking,we want to see those spiritual walls that have prevented breakthroughs come down. While the Jericho March is first a prayer strategy, if often opens the door for divine opportunities for evangelism as well.

The Door Hanger Project

  • This project provides a means to take prayer and the Good News to the neighborhood.
  • Design a door hanger with an imprinted Gospel message to be distributed by participating ministries throughout their areas of the community.
  • The door hanger would have a space for the participating church to write its name and phone number.
  • Members of the participating ministries and churches distribute doorhangers, placing them on each residence. They may kindly ask if anyone in the home would like prayer, which often opens the way for sharing the Gospel as well.
  • If an individual needs assistance, that person knows the name and phone number of the church/ministry to call.

 Year of Answered Prayer

An effort to unite the Christian community in citywide prayer evangelism by publicizing people to call in a central number for prayer. The phone number is shared and manned by the participating churches/ministries. This number and the message of asking for prayer can be publicized through Somebody Cares® yard signs, banners, bumper stickers, business cards, prayer request boxes, and T-shirts. This plan encourages individual participation on the level of the workplace and the neighborhood.

Bible Distribution

In conjunction with the International Bible Society, Somebody Cares®developed a New Testament Bible to give away. Its purpose was to allow any ministry in a city to share the Gospel in a way that promotes the unity of the Body of Christ. Having no specific church or ministry name on the Bible shows the community that the people who belong to Jesus are more interested in the message than in their own agenda. This effort provided many individual opportunities to share the Gospel. We encourage similar efforts in communities all over the USA.


Somebody Care’s crusades always include prayer and actions of compassion as well as sharing the Gospel. When people see a tangible expression of God’s love, they are more open to coming into a personal relationship with a caring, relevant God.

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