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SCA Announces Chaplaincy Training

Somebody Cares responds to be a tangible expression of God’s love to those affected by disasters. In addition to rushing immediate relief supplies to affected communities and continuing to provide tangible aid as the recovery and rebuilding process are underway, SCA also recognizes the profound need disaster survivors have for emotional and spiritual support.  It is crucial for disaster responders to not only come with essential supplies, but to do so clothed in compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience, as the scripture says.

As disasters increase and availability from our valued partners, like Victim Relief Ministries, is stretched thin, Somebody Cares has sensed it is time to expand our chaplaincy partnerships to increase availability of chaplains responding to disasters alongside the SCA relief and recovery efforts by offering chaplaincy training led by Dr. Edward Smith, our new International Director of Chaplaincy.

In addition to serving with SCA, Dr. Smith is currently a law enforcement chaplain for the Dallas County PD which serves seven community colleges in Dallas and oversees the chaplain corps for all seven campuses. He also serves as chaplain for the Dallas County DA Investigator Division and just won recognition as Volunteer of the Year in 2017. Dr. Smith is a trained disaster response chaplain and led Victim Relief Ministries as President, during which time he partnered directly with Somebody Cares on disaster deployments in Haiti, Japan, and across the US.  Dr. Smith is also an adjunct professor at Cedar Valley College in Dallas and teaches at the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT) through Sam Houston State to Chief of Police and Command staff levels. In addition, Dr. Smith serves at Primus University of Theology (PUT) as VP on the board and VP of Academics and Dean of the Chaplaincy Institute.

In his role with Somebody Cares, Dr. Smith will oversee the training and deployment of the SCA Chaplain Corp, as well as participate in Somebody Cares Hope and Healing services in communities that suffer from natural disasters and mass casualty events.

Note: Our first training, originally scheduled for September 2018 in Houston, has been postponed due to a conflict in scheduling. A new date and details will be announced soon!


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