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Why Others Are Partnering With Us


“I would like to say thank you to Doug Stringer and Somebody Cares International for your many years of friendship and for all of your help with resources, volunteers and financial support. You have been an expression of God’s grace in the storm, in our communities, our church and personally. We appreciate you and pray God’s continued blessing upon you.” 

Pastor Rick Del Rio, Abounding Grace Ministries in NYC

“Doug has such richness as a leader and I wish every leader in America could hear him because he really comes from a pure servanthood which Jesus was and the Church was founded on. “

Joyce Kahleh, Mission Director, Lakewood Church

“Doug Stringer has challenged my leadership. As I reflect on the men who have shaped my thinking about my role in the body of Christ, Doug is in the top group. He has stretched my thinking to embrace others and see my calling as larger and more expansive than my assignment as a local church leader. Doug has caused me to realize I am part of a team of shepherds, under the Great Shepherd, that is called to pastor a city of six million people. I am a better leader because of Doug’s ministry and message.”

Garrett Booth, Senior Associate Pastor
Grace Community Church – South Campus, Houston,TX

“Somebody Cares and Doug Stringer are helping the Church be the Church and it’s a beautiful thing. The reality is there are lots of good organizations that come to help initially. What I appreciate about Somebody Cares is you’re going to be here for the long haul.”

Pastor Kevin Harrison, Victorious Life Church, Waco, TX – the wake of the explosion in West, TX in April of 2013

“ [I am]in a men’s group and actively seeking to create a men’s forum to be used in churches. Despite cultural differences, the root of these challenges is the same — genuine struggles with earthly fathers, and in turn, with their Father God.  I appreciate the level of honesty in your writings… because of your focus on the Fatherhood of God.

Alvin G., Malaysia

“It’s Doug own life experiences and foundational truths. Not only in the Christian world perspective but even as a business leader I think this is the need of the hour as people are falling and things are getting tighter and tougher. People need to know what core values to stick to so they can see results.”

Gideon Stanley, Grace Software, Pastor and Business Leader

“It’s not often that a leader of Doug’s level will be as vulnerable as Doug about key issues of the heart that are needed to sustain godly leadership. Doug has broken down to an elemental level why that fire burns in his heart so brightly and has consistently burned and impacted so many cities and nations. “

Pastor Mike May, Pipeline Church, Humble, TX

“While the national charities will be providing various kinds of relief, the churches of the area will be on the front line of immediate help. Most will have limited resources to do so. Somebody Cares is a resource-gathering ministry that pours resources into devastated areas  through the local church community.  We have worked with them on many similar disasters. Any resources you donate are used to help those in great need.

Steve Riggle, President, Grace International
Senior Pastor, Grace Community Church

“It was a wonderful thing to see servant-hearted leaders come together to plan and make a big impact! The testimony of the faith base in action is amazing up here! Watching Doug Stringer quietly gently work with folks to connect assets, resources, etc. for maximum impact is very encouraging! Thankful to be a part of making a difference! I have connected with some amazing people that will be helpful in continuing to work to equip our own community to be prepared for whatever comes and for wherever He wants us to go!”

Bob Ball
BloodNFire Muncie, Indiana