When Doug Stringer penned that short sentence in the last chapter of Who’s Your Daddy Now? little did he know how significant it would be in the lives of thousands of individuals, and most recently, over 4500 who received a free copy of the book at The Call Nashville on Saturday, July 7, 2007 (07-07-07).

Billed with the slogan, “It’s not a festival, it’s a fast,” over 60,000 people of all ages—but primarily young people—converged in Nashville’s Titan Stadium to worship, fast, and stand in the gap for our nation and for their generation.

Months earlier, Doug had felt led to sow into The Call by sending them several thousands of copies of the book to give away. Less than two weeks before the event was to happen, he learned there would be a Father’s Blessing tent, sponsored by Shiloh Place Ministries, for personal ministry. A week later he received approval to give copies to everyone who went there for prayer. Two ministry volunteers left Houston on July 5, driving a U-haul truck to Nashville carrying nearly 90 cases of books.

This was the first time in the history of The Call gatherings that personal ministry was offered, and literally thousands responded for prophetic ministry, healing prayers, and the blessing of a father. Each individual coming out of the Father’s Blessing tent was handed a copy of Who’s Your Daddy Now? Many of them clutched the book, with tears streaming down their faces. And they weren’t all young people! Many were from the former generations, still carrying with them the life-long wounds of fatherlessness.

“As I sat on the concourse watching so many people emerge from that tent where they went to receive a father’s blessing, it didn’t even occur to me that one of the last sentences in my book says, ‘Receive the Father’s blessing,’” Doug said. “When I remembered that, I knew that God had so ordained that this book would get into their hands. What better way to seal the entire day for them than to give them a tangible reminder of God’s desire and design to be their Heavenly Father.”

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