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Leadership Development


Why Leadership Development?

Leadership Development is focused on training, equipping, and empowering emerging and transformational leaders in all spheres of influence. We live in a world of uncertainties, surrounded by a continual flow of personal and corporate challenges. It is a time when, more than ever, we need courageous leaders. We need men and women who will stay the course, who keep sight of the promises of God, who stand firm without wavering and without compromise. Scripture tells us in Luke 21 that we will see more and more calamities. In light of all this, as leaders, we must be prepared so that we can turn these situations into an occasion of our testimony! (see Luke 21:13)

Yet many leaders are dropping out of the fight. That is why we encourage leaders and give them practical tools they can use to keep running the race and continue impacting their communities, churches, and places of business.

How it works:  Our Leadership Development trainings cover a variety to areas. We format our trainings according to the needs, the size of the group, and the types of leaders present. We never take for granted what God might be doing in a certain area or person’s life, and so our format remains fluid. In recent years, some of following trainings have taken place:

Compassionate Crisis Care Training – For pastors and leaders dealing with grief and trauma in their churches and communities;

Leadership Awakening – Equipping transformational and emerging leaders with the characteristics of a courageous leader through practical principles and insights gleaned from Doug Stringer’s 35+ years of ministry

Disaster Preparation Seminars – Somebody Cares America offers Disaster Preparation and Response Training to church and non-profit leaders and their staff.

The four-hour seminar covers how to:

  • Operate in the four stages of relief
  • Be prepared relationally, materially, logistically, vocationally, and Spiritually
  • Identify your role as an individual, church, or ministry in the relief process
  • Care for your congregation and/or constituents prior to and following a disaster in your area

The Somebody Cares Model – Teaching key community leaders how they can impact and transform their communities through the ‘Somebody Cares’ model that was birthed on the streets of Houston over 35 years ago through our founder Doug Stringer.

GenEdge Leadership – Calling forth and empowering the Emerging Generation and NextGen Leaders through seminars, networking meetings, and small group mentoring.

Get Involved: To find out more about upcoming training events in your are or to inquire about getting training in a specific area, contact us at [email protected] (subject line: ‘leadership training’) or call 713.621.1498.

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