Why Compassion Evangelism?  

The working out of heartfelt compassion is foundational in bringing true transformation in communities and cities around the nation and world.  Somebody Cares engages volunteers to reach out to the hurting in society–being the hands and feet of Jesus by offering real help. It is proven that when individuals, churches, businesses and community leaders reach out to help their neighbors, they come alive in the process. Each person helped also becomes a tangible manifestation of God’s love and hope, proclaimed to the entire community. This is Compassion Evangelism.

It is motivated by caring – being a tangible expression of God’s love through acts of compassion, and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ through word and deed. Our faith motivates our action.  It also motivates us to share the goodness of God with others. While much of the sharing is done as we live our lives and work in our communities, there are times when specific events are initiated to have a broader impact.

How it works:     

While types of effective compassion outreaches are endless, below are a few examples of outreaches that have flowed out of the Somebody Cares model through our chapters and centers in various cities and nations:


CareFests are week-long Christ-centered outreaches. The celebration brings churches, businesses, and civic leaders together for the purpose of blessing the city in tangible ways.  Thousands of volunteers are mobilized annually to give a day of labor on assigned care projects throughout the community.  Projects include things like home repair for the elderly, beautification projects at schools, park clean-ups and many others. CareFest serves as a catalyst for ongoing care in communities and caring becomes contagious!

Days of Hope/Bless The City

Days of Hope are city-wide block parties where fun, games and good food are provided for the locals to enjoy, often in conjunction with prayer stations, social services and community service projects.

Food Pantries & Warehousing

Building food pantries and running warehouses that provide essential household items for the needy in the community.

Back to School Backpacks

Collecting backpacks to distribute to ministries and churches across the community to reach out as schools start again each Fall.

…and much more.

Get involved:

To receive more information on Somebody Cares strategies for compassion evangelism please contact us at [email protected] (subject line: ‘compassion evangelism’) or call 713.621.1498. 


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