Somebody Cares America hosted pastors and front-line ministry workers from New Orleans, Houston, San Antonio, and Southeast Texas for two days of refreshing and reflection on hurricane relief last week at the Hilton Houston Post Oak. The event concluded with a banquet honoring not only the hurricane workers but other “Champions of Compassion” who are part of the Somebody Cares Houston Compassion Coalition, working daily to rescue lives.

During the afternoon session prior to the banquet, many shared their testimonies of God’s faithfulness and the beauty of His Body coming together to turn a time of tragedy into a time of triumph. Much remains to be done throughout New Orleans, the Gulf Coast, and Southeast Texas, but the overwhelming consensus is that this is what the Church was created to do. As Doug Stringer says, “Relational equity is more effective than sterile structures.”


For more information on how you can assist with ongoing recovery and rebuilding in the coming year, please call 713-621-1498.


When KJ Louis, 5, saw news coverage of the flood in New Orleans that resulted from Hurricane Katrina, his first concern was for the children. “Did the children lose their toys?” he asked his mother, Sherry. When she confirmed they did, he went immediately to his room and began filling a pillow case with toys to give away. His mother was so touched by her son’s compassion she decided to encourage other children in their hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, to do the same. The result was an entire truckload of toys from children, adults, businesses, and corporations, all of them shipped to the Somebody Cares Warehouse for distribution.

On Saturday, December 17, KJ and Mrs. Louis flew to Houston to personally participate in distribution of some of the toys at a Christmas outreach hosted by Cornerstone Church/Somebody Cares Cleveland. Other toys are being distributed to various ministries throughout the city that are still working with Katrina evacuees.



Somebody Cares America was honored recently by the Kirbyville, TX Fire Department for being the first responders to the crisis created by Hurricane Rita. Pastor Charles Burchett from First Baptist Church of Kirbyville recalls the church being full of local residents with no food or water to give. Doug Stringer directed a truck with generators immediately to the area soon followed by food and supplies, and the church soon became the hub of relief for the immediate area. “The first water and food to come to Kirbyville after the storm were brought by a couple of box trucks sent by Doug Stringer and Somebody Cares,” Beverly Burchett wrote in an article published in the Kirbyville Banner. “Doug’s compassion for us was also seen as he personally visited Kirbyville on three occasions. He or someone from his office called us almost every day to make sure we had what we needed.”

On Monday, December 12, River Oaks Aglow honored Doug with a tribute during their annual Christmas luncheon. Doug has been an advisor to the chapter for many years. The tribute was given by Dodie Osteen. “I don’t know if there is anyone who has been more faithful than Doug,” Dodie said. “When we see Jesus, we all want to hear Him say those words, ‘Well done, my faithful servant.’ But I believe He will say to you, Doug, ‘VERY well done, my faithful servant.’” Carolyn Connelly, chapter president, presented Doug a treasure chest containing the 12 gems found on the ephod of the Levitical priest.
by Buddy Hicks, Somebody Cares Humble

While working with Doug Stringer during the height of hurricane relief, I had to stop by my local dry cleaning store here in Humble, TX. Upon arriving I had a difficult time getting to the counter to pick up my personal clothes. A lady was standing in the middle of the floor looking at a pile of clothes which she had taken out of her automobile. It was easy to see that something out of the ordinary was taking place. The firs thing that entered my mind was someone who had been impacted by the hurricane. Sure enough this was the case!

She was almost in tears as she told me her story. “When the authorities knocked on my door they told me I had fifteen minutes to get out of my house and that I could only take what I could put in my car! I quickly emptied my closets with my clothes. I crammed them in my car, got my baby and fled the city. Well, here I am in Humble, Texas and must get my clothes cleaned and laundered so I can begin to look for a job.”

I discovered that she needed some assistance with the dry cleaning and laundry. She had already taken care of all of her other needs but was running out of resources. Somebody Cares Humble was able to help her get clean clothes for her and her baby. Now she can begin the challenging process of getting a job.

So many times we forget that a simple dry cleaning bill stand in the way of a person in need who is trying to overcome a difficult time in their lives!

Your gift supports the ongoing work of Somebody Cares locally and globally. Please make checks payable to Somebody Cares and send them to PO Box 570007, Houston TX 77257. For credit card donations, please call our office, 713-621-1498, or visit our website, Somebody Cares reserves the right to apply funds toward the greatest need. Your donation is tax deductible.

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