Reports on-ground from Jogya, Indonesia, are saying nearly 5000 people are dead from Saturday’s earthquake. A team from Indonesian Relief Fund reported that entire villages have been left without one house standing. People are sleeping outside because they are too scared to be inside. It’s raining daily, so there is a desperate need for tents and many people are still waiting outside of hospitals in need of medical treatment.

“Many people are still trapped under the debris, shouting for help,” the team reported. “Many are seriously injured. We thank God for the products we still have in our warehouse, it seems God has multiplied them because we have sent supplies to almost all the disaster areas. We are helping several groups with our medical supplies.”

IRF, a ministry partner of Somebody Cares, continues to send teams to Jogya, including intercessors, medical teams, and others with supplies.

Urgent needs are:
Antibiotics, analgesics, antalgin, ampicilin, amoxylin, tetraciclin, antidiare, diatab, bandages,plasters, spalk, infus, ctm, betadin, cottonwool , alcohol, paracetamol, cough syrup, milk, food, tents, blankets, clothes, baby things, syringes.

Because time is of the essence, relief teams are trying to secure items from within the country and from nearby nations such as Singapore and Australia. For more information, please call 713-621-1498 or visit our website for updates,