Welcome to our annual Top Ten Podcasts! This year, we are featuring our Top Ten episodes from A Word in Season plus our Top Ten from Her God Story. Listen now and be encouraged, equipped, and empowered in your walk with the Lord!


10. Peace Comes From Trusting God: Becky Van Valin’s Story: We can’t control everything. But many of us try! When Becky Van Valin’s circumstances grew beyond her control, she was overwhelmed with stress and panic. But this experienced therapist and speaker learned to put her trust in God, who controls it all. Listen as Becky and host Jodie Chiricosta discuss insights on maintaining a healthy heart through thought examination, renewal, and setting boundaries. Learn practical ways to release your cares to the Lord and find His peace and joy!

9. God Renewed My Love When I Forgave: Darlene Davis’s Story: Being hurt is part of life; staying hurt is a choice. So is forgiveness. Darlene Davis suffered hurt and disappointment from her father, from other Christians, in her marriage. But as she took each one to God, choosing to forgive, He healed the wounds and filled her with His love! As you listen to Darlene and host Jodie Chiricosta share how forgiveness can unleash God’s healing and direction, you’ll discover keys to deeper intimacy with God!

8. Leaving Israel, The Land We Love: Kynada Boland’s Story: When Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, Kynada Boland and her family were living in Jerusalem. Having just returned to Israel from a Sabbatical, they awoke to air raid sirens. Walking by faith through days of uncertainty, they leaned into their preparedness training. The Lord’s leading to evacuate was a painful one, but He directed every step. Listen as Kynada and Jodie emphasize the importance of faith, discernment, and worship as essential tools for coping with difficult situations.

7. Do It Afraid: Melinda Torrison’s Story: What tests your faith? Melinda Torrison has learned to follow God’s leading, no matter what comes her way. She learned to “do it afraid,” and she has seen God do amazing things. As President of Meador Staffing, Melinda has led thousands of employees through uncertain times. Listen as Melinda and host Jodie Chiricosta discuss how God equips us with what we need for our families, work and ministry, even before we know we need it! When we submit our plans and future to the Lord, it’s amazing where He takes us.

6. Divine Encounters in Ukraine: Lisa Stringer’s Story: Should we go? That was the question Lisa Stringer had to answer upon receiving an invitation to minister in war torn Ukraine. Feeling complete peace, the answer was YES! Join Lisa and host Jodie Chiricosta as they talk about the divine encounters God had along the way. You’ll be encouraged by the miraculous ways God is working there and strengthened in your faith!

5. Overcome Your Fear, Stories That Build Faith: Fear can be a real battle. It hinders our ability to do things, saps our joy, sabotages relationships, paralyzes us in many ways. But God has given us spiritual weapons to overcome fear so we can live with confidence in God and walk by faith into all He has planned. Jodie Chiricosta shares the stories of several women who have faced down fear so you too can be equipped to overcome any fear that plagues or attacks you.

4. Unstoppable Faith: Joan Hunter’s Story: Embark on an extraordinary journey with Joan Hunter, a woman of unwavering faith and a testament to the incredible power of God. Throughout her journey and in every chapter of life, she has witnessed the hand of God moving miraculously, bringing healing, restoration, and hope to those in need. From remarkable physical healings to financial miracles and spiritual transformations, Joan’s story will stir your soul and reignite your faith.

3. God Showed Me The Value Of A Smile: Ashley Stringer’s Story: Through facing severe bullying, chronic illness, and other difficulties, Ashley Stringer cultivated an intimate relationship with God. When He showed her the power of kindness and a simple smile, it was a revelation that offered direction and opened up exciting opportunities for this young woman to influence her generation for good! Listen and gain a deeper understanding of God’s plan!

2. There Is Authority In The Name Of Jesus: Mary Nelson’s StoryAs a young Air Force wife, Mary Nelson had many worries in her life. But she learned to go to the Lord, and He answered prayers that were prayed in faith and aligned with His will. You’ll hear how Mary experienced deliverance and freedom from anger, fear, and more! When we read the Word and put it into practice, things change.

1. God’s Presence Changes Everything/Story of the Shunamite WomanWhen the Shunammite woman pursued God, He took notice. He saw her heart and understood her desire to know Him. He made a way for her time and again when there seemed to be no way. And God will do the same for each of us – when we draw near to Him and invite Him to draw near to us. Listen as host Jodie Chiricosta shares two keys from the Shunammite woman’s story that can bring us to that place of blessing.


10. Majesty! Honoring the Life of Jack Hayford: Jack Hayford was an Ambassador for Christ, a senior statesman, and a spiritual father to many. He was a quintessential leader, worthy of being imitated because he followed Christ, a serious student of the Word, a living worshipper, a pastor to pastors, and a leader amongst leaders. He had an impact in Doug’s life personally at significant times throughout the years, as he did in countless other lives and ministries! He has imparted a legacy that will impact many generations.

9. Create In Me A Clean Heart: Scripture tells us judgment begins in the house of the Lord. Now is a time when there will be public consequences for private choices – good and bad. Listen as Doug challenges us to allow God to create in us a clean heart, and a right spirit, so we can experience an increase in His manifest presence!

8. Revival Is Born Out of The Storms of Life: Historically, most outpourings, awakenings, revivals, and moves of God have come in the midst of some of the most thunderous and difficult times. It is the Church awakened that can bring healing and hope in the darkest of times. We are in a critical time in history, and our only hope is to see revival and awakening. Let’s continue to cry out to God for revival and healing.

7. Times For A GenEdge Miracle…A Modern Day Jesus Revolution: God wants to transform this generation into a Generation Excellent, a generation of expectancy for revival. He wants to use Generations X, Y, Z and beyond to lead people into the Promised Land, a multi-generational prophetic voice God is bringing together for this season! Older generations are crucial! God is calling us to parent, guide, bless, and release the younger generations to do mighty exploits for Him! Let’s answer His call!

6. The Jesus Movement & Beyond, with Love Song’s Chuck Girard: Is revival happening now? Chuck Girard, co-founder and lead singer of the group LOVE SONG, explains his thoughts in light of his experiences in the Jesus Movement and beyond. In this insightful interview with Doug Stringer, Chuck shares stories from the early days of the Jesus Movement, compares and contrasts today’s culture with that day, and gives some perspective on what God is doing now.

5. What Did Jesus Really Do For Us? Jesus’ Passion provides us with amazing liberties and freedoms! Doug Stringer looks at the five basic Old Testament sacrifices Christ fulfilled, each one teaching a unique facet of His perfect sacrificial work. Listen and come to a deeper appreciation of the work of the Cross and the power of the Resurrection, as well as freedoms Christ bought for you. Our relationship with Lord Jesus is truly vital!

4. God Is Moving, with John Ruttkay, Friend of Lonnie Frisbee: John Ruttkay (best friend of Lonnie Frisbee) never imagined being part of a church much less part of what became the Jesus Movement. He was questioning, “Who is God?” when someone approached him and said, “It’s Jesus Christ. That’s who you’re looking for.” It was then his life was radically changed! Join John and host Doug Stringer as they share stories from the Jesus Movement, discuss five things that marked believers during that time, and compare it to what God is doing today.

3. Serve The Lord Where He Places You, with Col. Gary Nelson: Our careers and lives are directed by the Lord as He opens doors and closes them. Through 29 years of military service and nearly two decades of leading a mission organization, Col. Gary Nelson has learned the importance of serving where the Lord places him. And through it all, Gary faithfully led his family to serve the Lord too. Listen as Gary and host Doug Stringer talk about the ways God accomplishes His plans despite obstacles and how He is always up to something good!

2. Stand Courageous To Be The Man God Has Called You To Be: Being a man for Jesus, because He became a man for us, is at the core of courageous manhood. But in today’s world, many things are trying to undermine manhood and make it difficult for men to be who God created them to be. Listen as Doug shares practical insights to navigating the challenges of modern manhood. With God’s help, men, you can be heroes and champions!

1. God Says, “You’ve Got This!” Greatness is not something we’re born with, it’s something we step into. It takes a choice. We are in a pivotal and significant moment right now, and it’s more important than ever for us to realize we have a destination we need to step into. But are we willing to do that? Will we choose to step into the Ruach, the dunamis moment? Are we willing to say, “I want to step in because I have a story to tell”?