It was Monday, right before Thanksgiving, when Darla called. A seamstress, Darla had been offered a good job in Houston with twice the pay of what she had been making in Minnesota.  But on the move down with her young son, Andreas, to start her new job, the car broke down. Her last paycheck would not come for four more days so Darla did not have money, after getting the car fixed, to pay for both a room to live in and food to eat. Darla chose a roof over their heads. But she was really concerned that her son would go without food for 5 days. So she started calling around. We were the first ministry to answer the phone!

What followed was a flurry of activity around the office.  Everyone gathered up stashes of food, plastic plates, paper towels and other necessities.  Soon an array of fresh fruit, staples and frozen meat (provided by our building manager) was gathered.  A few additional groceries were bought and then a small group delivered the food to the eagerly awaiting mother. Along with the food, the team gave her a Who Was Jesus booklet, a teaching on ‘Prayer for the Overwhelmed’, and a copy of Who’s Your Daddy Now?.  Andreas, an avid reader, was really excited to get his hands on a book! Prayer and hugs for Darla and her son followed, and that Monday, we were once again given the opportunity to be a tangible expression of Christ’s love.

Other days at Somebody Cares see our weekly prayer warriors coming to intercede for the city, a partner in ministry dropping by for counsel, or meetings to plan a city-wide outreach.  And these scenes are played over and over again in Somebody Cares Chapters and Centers across the country and around the world.  It is all about sharing God’s love personally to see transformation of lives, communities and nations.

Thank you for being a part by your support!