As the town of Santa Fe, Texas, heals from the tragic school shooting in May, the people of Santa Fe came together on September 30 for their first Quarterly Community Potluck.

Somebody Cares co-sponsored the event by providing volunteers; assisting with the cost of signage and kids activities; and serving up 250 pounds of chicken supplied by SCA and 150 pounds of sausage donated by Kiolbasa Sausage, cooked by the Holy Smoke grill team from SC San Antonio.

Citizens say they have experienced more love than they could have possibly imagined, noting that so many people from outside the community stepped up to meet immediate needs as well as ongoing support.

“We are blessed to be a part of the healing of a community,” Mark Roye commented. “We know that lives can’t be replaced, but we believe in a God who can bring comfort in times of need.”

Please continue to pray for the people of Santa Fe.