Jenny and  Brian Taylor stepped out with faith and a desire to “rescue lives” in their hometown of Aberdeen, Scotland after being inspired by Somebody Cares Houston.   Pockets of desperate poverty and pain marked their prosperous city in a way that broke their heart.   As Somebody Cares Aberdeen was birthed they made a commitment:

Where there is need…to meet the need
Where hope is gone…to help restore hope
Where love is needed…to demonstrate love

They found a small warehouse to use. They had no idea where it would lead but 5 short years later they are amazed!  Without advertising they have gone from 3,500 square feet of bare warehouse space to a 20,000+ square feet distribution center that refills as quickly as they give out!

Far more important that the size of their building or number of give aways are the lives turned around by their love and care!  From international students to blue collar workers; unemployed families to abandoned moms; Jenny, Brian and the Somebody Cares network have been “true witnesses” to thousands.

Helen was referred to them by a social worker.  Following up on Helen’s daughter, the social worker was shocked to discover the two living in one room with only a single bed, one plate, two forks, a TV and a microwave.  This single mom and child had been abandoned without support and were barely surviving.

Jenny and Brian scheduled an emergency appointment with Helen and provided her everything needed to equipment her apartment from furniture and bedding to a stove, refrigerator and food to fill it!  Helen was moved to tears as she walked through the warehouse selecting items to make a home. They have kept in touch with Helen, linking her with other agencies that can help as well.  Helen’s life is turning around and now she, and her daughter, have hope and a new life!

Back in Houston Somebody Cares continues to be a witness rescuing lives too!  Just last week a call came in from elderly lady who had gone to buy groceries for her and her three grandkids.

On the way home at the bus station she was forced to give them away to two robbers.  With no more money and no food she didn’t know how she would feed her grandchildren.  Kathy from the Houston office quickly provided her with groceries through the network of caring ministries serving the city.

Hundreds of lives, like Helen’s, are rescued every day by the living active witness of Somebody Cares partners like you!

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