2016 Ecuador Earthquake IMG_4489

Earthquake Damage in Ecuador;           Thousands injured; Whole villages destroyed

With 500 year flooding in Houston, 1000 year flooding in Southeast Texas, earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador and increasing persecution of Christians globally, I am reminded that Luke said these things “will turn out to be an occasion for testimony (Luke 21:13)!

Somebody Cares is in contact with ministry partners already on the ground in Japan, Ecuador, Southeast Texas, and of course, right here in Houston.


Our partner is Japan is requesting funding for emergency supplies including bottled water, canned and instant foods, tents, sleeping bags, home medical kits, canned milk, towels, shampoo and other essentials.


News from our ministry partner in Cuenca, Ecuador is still coming in since many communities are cut off by land slides, and rescue efforts are on-going. Their teams have deployed to affected areas to assess and assist as they can.  Experience shows  there will be great need for assistance with shelter, food, medicines and medical supplies, as well as long term recovery assistance.

Southeast Texas

An estimated 3,600 homes experienced major damage due to 1000 year flooding from recent storms, in addition to the hundreds that were a total loss.  Many of these families also had wells contaminated so are now without clean water as well.  Somebody Cares is helping to provide tents, camping supplies, water filters, dehumifiers, cleaning supplies, volunteer mud-out teams and more!  This relief and recovery effort will take months.


Today I awoke to 500 year flooding in the city of Houston.  Our staff could not even reach the office today, so are working from home.  There will be many needs in Houston including cleaning supplies, gift cards for residents, and much more.  We will have a better understanding of the scope of the needs once the flood waters recede a bit.

Please pray for all those responding to these crises.  And please consider partnering with us through a financial gift. Together we can empower local churches and ministry partners to be a tangible expression of Christ to those suffering from these earthquakes and floods!
The needs seem overwhelming, but if everyone gives what they can, as the net that works, we will see miraculous things happen!