Somebody Cares America partnered with local churches, city leaders, and ministry partners to host Border Patrol Appreciation Day on April 1 in Mission, Texas.

“It was a wonderful day of serving and encouraging those who keep our borders safe—border patrol, law enforcement, and National Guard—as well as their families,” said Doug Stringer. “It was very memorable and heartwarming! So many testimonies and so much deep gratitude.”

Over 500 BBQ meals were served, with give-aways such as hundreds of Behind The Badge and other devotionals; 144 Somebody Cares Bears; many of Doug’s books (Born To Die, Leadership Awakening, and their study guides); and other resources provided by partnering groups and churches.

The primary purpose of the event was to show appreciation, gratitude, and support for all the men and women who patrol, serve, and protect our border, along with their families.

“These men and women are an integral part of the Rio Grande Valley community and beyond,” Doug said. “These unsung heroes serve daily in a very difficult environment with no fanfare or public acknowledgment, yet their service is of critical importance to all of us. “

“What an honor to volunteer alongside Doug Stringer and his precious wife, Lisa, during this much needed event to recognize the hard working border workers, their spouses, and families,” said long-time friend and ministry partner Deanna Hinson from Bethel Mission Outreach Center.

“I deeply appreciate and respect you and Somebody Cares for doing this,” wrote a local law enforcement officer.

On Thursday, March 30, the Stringers attended an informative and eye-opening meeting of National Faith Leaders Border Forum in Mission/McAllen.

“A special thank you goes to Pastor Jaime Loya of Cross Church for introducing me to City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem, Ruben Plata, and connecting us to this fabulous Event Center and team!” Doug added. “Thank you as well to our friend Pastor Chali Martinez of Vital Church for helping us and for providing us with an additional BBQ pit.”

Rio Grande Valley’s very own Jaime Garcia, former MLB player and World Series Champion Pitcher with the St. Louis Cardinals, also came out to show his support and spent time talking with guests and taking photos in the picture booth.

SCA thanks local leaders who participated in this event:
* Mayor Norie Garza
* Mayor Pro Tem/Councilman Ruben Plata
* City Manager Randy Perez
* Chief of Police Cesar Torres
* Assistant Chief of Police Ted Rodri guez
* Assistant Chief of Police Jody Tittle
* Assistant City Manager Aida Lerma

We also acknowledge our partners:
* The Patrol Appreciation Committee
* RGV Patrol Wives
* Texas Pastor Council
* Paige Mudd & Friends
* Holy Smoke USA BBQ Team
* Ally Force Ministries
* BoodNFire Muncie IN
* BloodNFire San Antonio/SC San Antonio
* Bethel Mission Outreach Center
* Law Enforcement Chaplains
* Local Churches
* And many others!