The situation in Puerto Rico and many other Caribbean islands is grim. Power is expected to be out for months; cell phone coverage is almost non-existent; water is rationed; and people wait in lines for hours to get food, fuel, even money from an ATM. Roofs have been blown off, debris litters the island, and emotions are wearing thin. Many relief supplies that have been shipped in sit at the port waiting for trucks to distribute them. While the government tries to restore the basic infra-structure of the island to livable conditions, island residents suffer.

Somebody Cares is mobilizing critical equipment and aid to get it into the hands of survivorsWe will be working with local church partners to ensure that help freely gets to those in need. Because of the devastating impact of Maria, in addition to life-saving supplies, transport and other equipment is needed to effectively move supplies to remote areas.

Somebody Cares is working to procure a large box truck to send to Puerto Rico so supplies sent to the island by us and other agencies can be transported to where they are needed. In addition to the 100 generators sent through our Somebody Cares Tampa Bay chapter, we are working with our network to quickly send:

  • Additional generators
  • Debris removal equipment
  • Non-perishable food
  • Water
  • Hygiene items
  • Tarps and tents for shelter
  • Funding for fuel and building repairs to local church partners
  • Teams to assess needs, distribute supplies, and provide medical assistance where needed

As response needs change, we will consider how else the Somebody Cares network can share the tangible love of God in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands.

Our immediate need is $150,000 to provide critical aid in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands. Recent disasters have stretched all of our resources thin – but please prayerfully consider how you can help through your financial gift and prayer! Help today!