SCA is caring for Puerto Rico as it continues to be rocked by aftershocks, with our network of ministry partners providing relief and comfort in shaken communities.

With hundreds of thousands of people still without power and running water, which is expected to take months to restore; buildings and infrastructure damaged; and families scared to go inside their homes; there is a growing crisis on some parts of the island.

Somebody Cares Puerto Rico/Catacumba 5 loaded up trucks, vans, and other vehicles with water and supplies on Friday for delivery in Ponce, a city which has experienced much damage from the quakes. A team of 20 to 30 people distributed the supplies and ministered peace through a outdoor worship time with residents.

Pastor Matos Jr. reported:

“We had an amazing time yesterday in Ponce. The refuge is sheltering around 1,500 people. We were able to bring water, food, and several supplies, but most of all, the ministry time was great and greatly needed. People have great anxiety, because even though Hurricane Maria was much more devastating, this has been much more emotionally devastating. People can prepare for a hurricane, but not for an earthquake. This happened during the night and people are not sleeping because of anxiety. Thousands of people don’t trust their houses or buildings where they live and are sleeping in their cars, in parking lots, in malls, or plazas. So mentally, people are more fragile now.”

Somebody Cares network partners United Rescue Alliance (URA) and Watts Of Light are in the process of taking hundreds of portable lights and chargers into Somebody Cares Puerto Rico for distribution in areas where the power is out.

There is a great need to provide for some basic supplies including:

  1. Blankets and sheets
    2. Tents (small and large)
    3. Towels
    4. Chubs
    5. Sleeping bags
    6. Inflatable mattresses
    7. Emergency backpacks for hurricanes, fires and earthquakes.
    8. Hand sanitizers
    9. Plastic boxes
    10. Portable showers and toilets
    11. Ponchos (shower covers)
    12. Feminine hygiene items
    13. Face masks
    14. Insect repellent
    15. First aid kit
    16. Mosquito nets
    17. Diapers (children and adults)
    18. Lysol and Clorox
    19. Batteries
    20. Lanterns

Over the weekend another 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit bringing further damaging buildings and infrastructure.

Because Somebody Cares partners on the ground in Puerto Rico are able to get many of these necessities locally, and more quickly than shipping them from the states at this point, the best way to assist is through financial donations. (Somebody Cares America is NOT accepting product donations for Puerto Rico at this time).

Please consider a donation to help rush aid to communities still experiencing the aftershocks. DONATE TODAY!