Refugee Camp for those Fleeing ISIS

Refugee Camp for those Fleeing ISIS

March 2, 2015 – The unspeakable atrocities and continued oppression that ISIS is inflicting on men, women and children in Iraq, Syria, and the surrounding region is hard to comprehend. The on-going Syrian war adds to the tragedy. Millions of people from every sphere of society had fled homes and livelihoods with virtually nothing.

The fortunate ones have escaped into unoccupied territory or across the borders into Lebanon, Jordan or Turkey.   Many have suffered brutality and lost loved ones in the process.  Christians who have clung to their faith have been severely abused or martyred.  Muslims from less radical sects than ISIS have also been persecuted to the point of death. Those who make it to refugee areas are traumatized, penniless and confused.

Somebody Cares has been partnering with organizations on the frontlines of this refugee crisis providing tangible help and the live-changing message of the Gospel to these precious people.



Somebody Cares ministry partner in Lebanon, Call of Hope, recently shared this testimony.

Mellad fled with this family to Lebanon when the Syrian civil war broke out near their village.  Being from a very conservative Muslim tribe Mellad had never received a gift or felt love or respect, even from his own family.

His first encounter with love was when he came to the Call of Hope center in Lebanon for assistance. He later told our partners there they he saw something different in them, he saw love, kindness and respect.  He was drawn to it.

Although forbidden by family and tribe, Mellad started attending Call of Hope Bible Studies and church in his search for love.  Finally, after much prayer and time spent with Mellad, he received Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. He also took to the huge step of being baptized, which has already caused him severe persecution.  Even his family is threatening to kill him.  Still, he is filled with inner peace because he knows that he is loved by Jesus and he has assurance of salvation.

In addition to Mellad, COH is ministering on a regular basis to thousands of refugees who have flooded into Lebanon.  We have helped them provide refugees with food, blankets, mattresses, heating fuel, and materials specifically designed to share Christ with Muslims.  They also have a unique outreach to the physically disabled, people who are throwaways in that society.  And since many refugees have been tortured and severely abused before escaping ISIS and the Syrian war, the number of people needing specialized help and job retraining is growing.

Over 2 million refugees are in Lebanon alone.  With your help, we can continue to partner with Call of Hope to be a tangible expression of the love of Jesus with them!



Somebody Cares has also been helping CBN International and Crisis Response International, our ministry partners in Iraq, supply displaced Iraqi and Yazidi families with basic necessities to help them even survive winter.

Heater distributed to refugees in IraqWe have helped CRI provide desperately needed aid to refugees fleeing ISIS around he Erbil region.  From providing shelter for hundred of men, women and children to distributing heaters, hygiene kits, blankets, medicine along with solar bible units and bibles on sd cards, we are reaching them with Good News in their time of need. Right now (Feb/March), CRI is assembling pre-fabricated shelters that just arrived to provide the sick and elderly a sturdy shelter during these cold winter months.

We also helped CBN International supply much-needed food for hungry children and support a local church in Kurdistan construct restroom facilities and showers for use by refugees.

Both organizations have also worked to help and minister to the Yazidi people who were once on Mount Sinjar.



Somebody Cares partnered with Global Hope Network International to assist with the evacuation of 10,000 Christians from Iraq and relocate them to Jordan where they are under the protection of the Jordanian King.  Although they are safe for now, they left everything behind and are surviving on the benevolence of groups like Somebody Cares and GHNI.

In additional to providing desperately needed supplies, including food, heaters, blankets, and hygiene items, GHNI is also equipping the refugees with skills to rebuild their communities once they can return home; or build new communities if they have to settle in a new location.



God has also opened the door for Somebody Cares to help provide 2 safe houses for women rescued from ISIS!

We have opportunity to partner with Crisis Response International to set up a safe house and ministry program for women who were captured by ISIS when their villages in Iraq were overrun.  Many saw their families butchered in front of them.  All of them have been brutally raped and abused.  It is a miracle they are now free.  But now they need a safe place to heal physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

We are also hoping to partner with Global Hope Network International to care for Christian Syrian women who have also escaped rape and abuse by ISIS.   A ranch house in Armenia is ready to begin receiving these women but resources are needed for their care and ministry.  During their time at this ranch, these precious women will also be trained to become self-sustaining which will help restore their hope and self-worth.

The evil of ISIS can be paralyzing.   But Romans 12:21 exhorts us,

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Will you join us in overcoming this cancerous evil spreading in the Middle East?

Please consider a generous donation to help these rescued women and other refugees struggling to survive.   Help Now!