Severe earthquakes rocked central Italy (magnitude 6.2) and Myanmar (magnitude 6.8) on Wednesday, Aug 24th.

In Italy, first responders are still digging through mountains of rubble to rescue survivors. Outside assistance is slow to reach the communities due to the limited access and on-going aftershocks. Somebody Cares has been in contact with local church partners who are preparing to mount relief efforts as soon as the area is deemed accessible and safe. Prayers and financial support are greatly needed for these efforts.

prayinghands_7Please pray for:

  • Safety and success of first responders in the region
  • All survivors will be found and freed quickly
  • Aid to reach devastated towns without further complication
  • Churches to have free access and resources to share the tangible love of God with survivors!

Will you join us in these efforts to provide survivors with help like: blankets, shelter, meals, personal essentials, crisis counseling and God’s love?   Yes I Will!

Current news from Myanmar report minimal damage from the earthquake because of it’s remote region. This may change once remote parts of the country are reached. We are waiting for word from our ministry partner in Myanmar for an update and first hand assessment of the need. If the situation is more dire than initial reports indicate we will communicate that so relief efforts can be mobilized. Please pray for the on-going safety of our ministry partners in the region.