Most adults in Jen’s life had given up on her. At age 15 she went to live with her aunt, Carol, and uncle, Glen since her parents could no longer handle her. Empty-nesters, Carol and Glen wanted to do what they could to help their troubled niece. Jen was rebellious from the start. She lied constantly, snuck out late at night, and in general turned Carol’s and Glen’s lives upside down. She would not go to church or even try the youth ministry. At their wits end, Carol took Jen to a family counselor. But after a few sessions the counselor said there was “little hope of Jen making a turn around in her life.” Carol’s and Glen’s prayers turned desperate. And God sent the answer through Somebody Cares Humble and the Fuel Cybercafé and Skate Park! One day Jen came home from school and announced she wanted to go to Fuel with her friends. Knowing Fuel reached out to troubled teens, Carol and Glen rejoiced. With the help of her new friends and the loving adults at Fuel Jen life began an amazing transformation. Fuel is not only a cool play to hang out; it offers a safe and accepting environment for teens to unload their burdens with adults who pray with them, care for them, and teach them to make good choices. The Skate Park, concerts and snacks draw kids in but the love they receive draws them back again and again. Once Jen went to Fuel she was hooked. She started volunteering and began attending Bible studies and services at Pipeline, a youth church spin off of Fuel. Today Jen has made a 180°turn in her life and dreams of her future. Carol and Glen can hardly believe she is the same girl. Jen no longer lies, her attitude is changing and they all get along! Jen is eager to attend Pipeline and read the Bible. The Word of God is clearly taking root in her life! Jen’s life is not the only one changed by the ministry of SC Humble. They have touched thousands of teens since Fuel opened in 2001. Many have turned from the occult, drugs, alcohol and sex to give their lives to Jesus.

Fuel then disciples them in their walk with Christ. The impact is so incredible that local businesses have formed a scholarship fund to a local community college! Teens that successfully complete the Fuel management course and obtain a High School diploma with a “C” or above average are given a free year of tuition. Already 12 teens have received scholarships! Somebody Cares is using innovative ways to rescue lives like Jen across the US. You can Be a Witness every day with Somebody Cares by donating monthly to reach more Jens; helping them make a 180°turn too! (The names in this testimony have been changed for privacy purposes.)