When we look to Him, God has this amazing habit of turning all things for the good (Rom. 8). That is just what happened in the lives of the McDonald sisters when they encountered His redemptive work through Somebody Cares Humble (SCH)!

Five years ago Lissa came to a volunteer orientation for Fuel, SCH’s café and music venue. As a 9th grader newly in high school she was “excited to try out new things”. She quickly got connected with the wrong crowd at school. But when she found out about Fuel and its volunteer program she decided to try that out too. Lissa was “blown away” by the kind people she met there and the cool job she got. Little by little, Lissa life started to change leaving her “totally different person”. The more involved she got with Fuel, the less time she had get into other things. She started to grow, overcoming her struggle with insecurity through the discipleship program for volunteers.

Seeing Lissa’s change, younger sister Micha wanted to get involved too. She connected at SCH’s Skate Park. There she met good friends, was guided by “cool” managers and also started choosing a path of life.

The sisters believe Fuel and the Skate Park came at the perfect time, when they were searching for identity and somewhere to fit in.

Two years later the girls got bad news – their Dad was sick with cancer. From that moment on, to the girls, Fuel truly became their 2nd family. As the McDonald’s walked through their Dad’s illness, from chemotherapy treatment, to the day he had to go to ICU, to the day they found out he was terminal, the Fuel/Skate Park family walked each step of the way with them. Every week they met with their Fuel small group, got support and knew people were praying for them.

During the struggle with cancer their Dad accepted Jesus too, shortly before he passed away. Instead of struggling through a deep depression, Micha and Lissa were able to testify of God’s goodness, even in the midst of their sorrow.

The sisters are still involved at Fuel and the Humble Skate Park, where they can be found most Saturday nights. Micha is in high school, Lissa now in college, and both are an intricate part of the Somebody Cares Humble family!

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