Jenny and Brian Taylor of Somebody Cares Aberdeen have been reaching out to the hurting in their city for decades, giving food, clothing and helping them get back on their feet. They recently saw one of the men they worked with for years finally make a decision for Christ. Read this testimony of someone whose life God restored after many years! Jesus calls us all to care for ‘the least of these’. Sometimes that work can seem futile but God’s word is proven – “a true witness rescues lives” (Prov. 14:25). Clark Barry grew up in Aberdeen, Scotland. He first came into contact with Somebody Cares Aberdeen as he wandered the streets, drinking, doing drugs, begging, and much more. The youngest in a family of 9, life was tough growing up. When he was just 10, Clark started down a slippery slope, drinking alcohol, and sniffing glue, a lifestyle he kept up for 17 years! Clark lost his father when he was 15 and things continued to get worse. Looking back, he’s surprised he is still alive today; many of his “friends” from back then, aren’t. Part of what helped him hold on, was his connection with Christians like Brian Taylor (of Somebody Cares Aberdeen) and his Good News “night bus” ministry. Clark would “pop in for a hot cuppa and a chat with Brian Taylor and the team.” Clark says, “Upon thinking back, that was really when the seed was planted in me to change my life, even though it would still take many years to realise it!” The death of three of his brothers and his mother within a few years of each other, in addition to the birth of his children, impacted him deeply and ultimately helped him to stop his addictions. He realized “wow, there’s no way I’d want my kids to live without their father” and that he “had to step it up because it was no longer just my own life”.

“Upon thinking back, that was really when the seed was planted in me to change my life, even though it would still take many years to realise it!”

Finally, in the early 2000’s, he got involved with Somebody Cares Trust in Aberdeen, through friends Baz and his wife Charmaine who worked there and had recently become Christians. Charmaine grew up with Clark. Somebody Cares Aberdeen

helped Clark and his family get on their feet, and soon he started volunteering there to help out. Watching the Taylors and others live out their faith for years, and now working along side them and listening as they discussed faith and God, made such an impression on Clark that he agreed to attend Church with them. He started to go regularly and, just 3 months ago, committed his life to Jesus! Clark says he has “honestly never felt better. I have a new lease on life, and am looking forward to the rest of my life (something which I couldn’t say for many, many years) with my partner Linda, my children Nicolle, Glen, Lara, granddaughter Amy and most of all, GOD!” Clark’s story is one more example how a true and faithful witness does save lives! Thousands more like Clark are being touched through Somebody Cares ministry in communities across the US and around the world. Your financial partnership helps provide a touch that makes a difference! Help Now!