Tears of gratitude filled Ethel’s eyes. In moments like this, words alone cannot capture the message of one’s heart. Through devastating loss, she now has hope because Somebody Cares brought teams of teens to serve her.

Since Hurricane Ike cut a path of destruction along the Texas coast on September 13, 2008, Somebody Cares has been busy bringing relief and helping victims recover and rebuild their lives. Thousands ofSouth Texasresidents are not only dealing with the heat and drought this summer, they are also still trying to recover from the storm. And Somebody Cares is still at work helping people one by one. People like Ethel.

“I just gave up”, explained Ethel, expressing the depth of her despair after the hurricane devastated her home inAnahauc,Texas. At age eighty-nine and wheel chair bound, she didn’t know where to turn for help. The roof and side of her house were torn apart and water flooded her home.

Volunteer teams were able to help Ethel a little soon after the storm. They cleaned, removed wet furniture and drywall, repaired the roof and replaced missing sheetrock. However, by winter volunteer teams were scarce and repairs were not completed.

So when Ethel received news that help was coming this summer she was thrilled! SomebodyCares and Group Work Camps partnered to bring in hundreds of teens around the country each week for seven weeks to help IKE victims recover. Ethel was one of many to receive help.

In fact THREE teams come to repair Ethel’s home. They completed work on the wall of her house, cleaned the yard, replaced siding, painted the exterior of her home and repaired her front porch which was in danger of collapsing.

One of those teams was a group of five students from Minnesota led by their Youth Pastor. Like many of the teenagers who came through the Work Camps, they quickly realized they had chosen the best way to spend their summer. Instead of staying home watching television, playing video games, and relaxing with friends, they chose to help people in need. This life-changing opportunity was best summed up by fifteen year-old Alexa who said, “It’s not always about you”.

Ethel truly appreciates the repairs. But this elderly woman who lives alone especially enjoyed spending time with the teams. Expressing her heart-felt thanks, Ethel said, “They are the finest and greatest group.”

That is a tremendous aspect of Somebody Cares; allowing adults and teens alike to use their God given gifts and ability to be a tangible expression of God love to those in need. As these Group Work Camp teens saw the damage left by hurricane IKE, they did not just see the bad news, but rather to let the Good News of Jesus shine through.

And that is just what you do as you partner with Somebody Cares! Through your on-going partnership and donations you continue to reach those who need God’s love in a tangible way. Bring more Good News today!

Stay tuned to see how you are bringing Good News in hard times through Somebody Cares!