It has been a month since the devastating quake hit Haiti. Numerous teams from the Somebody Cares ministry network have provided critical resources and live saving care to survivors over the last four weeks. It is clear to everyone that relief and rebuilding efforts will go on for years. Somebody Cares is committed to immediate relief and long term recovery efforts to help survivors rebuild their lives. SCI is currently focused on four primary areas of assistance.

  1. Food: Somebody Cares procures food both in Haiti and abroad to meet the pressing nutritional needs of survivors. Distributions have and will continue to take place to orphans, through church networks, and to select communities as opportunities arise.
  2. Medical Care: Somebody Cares medical teams continue to provide life saving care as well as medicines and medical supplies to thousands of Haitians needing medical attention since the Quake. In addition Somebody Cares teams improve sanitation in tent cities, were possible, by digging latrines and educating the population on good hygiene practices to prevent the spread of deadly disease.
  3. Shelter/Housing: In the short term Somebody Cares has distributed tarps and canopies so Haitians have better protection from the elements while planning for long term repair and rebuilding with the counsel of structural engineers and other specialists.
  4. Trauma Counseling: Somebody Cares is also providing trauma counseling to Haitians who have suffered severe loss as well as planning training for Haitian pastors so they can better care for members of their communities who have been traumatized by the quake and its aftermath.

Together we are making a difference. There is so much to be done, we value your partnership in rescuing and rebuilding lives. Let Haitians know that Somebody Cares, please donate today!!



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