flood_Sabine river bridge

Historic flooding has hit TX & LA this year.

Louisiana, specifically Baton Rouge, is underwater. They are calling it a 500-year flood. Over 20,000 people have been rescued so far and boats continue to search for those still in harms way. Countless others slept on roads and sidewalks last night. Pastor Jonathon Stockstill of Bethany Church wrote, “It is a crisis like I have only seen when we faced Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Rescue is our first priority right now. We are sending out crews in boats to get people off their roofs, out of attics, and cars. Please pray that we are able to get to all the need.”

They and many other churches are serving out of their own need. Three of the Bethany Church campuses are flooded. Other churches began as shelters for their communities but also had to evacuate when flood waters reached their doors.

Through the faithful support of partners and friends, Somebody Cares has been responding to historic flooding in Texas throughout the Spring and Summer. Now Louisiana needs help.

  • Evacuees and first responders need hot meals today. ($5 can provide a nutritious meal for the suffering)
  • The elderly need a way to escape the oppressive heat. ($25 can help provide a cool shelter and relief)
  • Families need cleaning supplies and help recovering. ($75 can give essential cleaning supplies so families can return home sooner)
  • Children need new clothes, backpacks and supplies for the school year. ($100 can provide children affected by the fllods a new outfit, backpack and supplies for school).
  • And so much more!

Our relief strategy is simple: Help feed evacuees and rescue teams, provide supplies through partner churches to families and work crews for clean up, mobilize prayer and counseling for flooded communities, support churches serving the elderly, equip children for the school year to normalize their lies as quickly as possible!   A longer term strategy will be developed as the situation changes and resources become available.

  • Will you consider a sacrificial gift to rush help to flood victims in Louisiana? Donate Now!
  • Can you mobilize help through social medial to encourage your family, friends and co-workers to help too? Be sure to link to Somebody Cares!
  • Churches, will you consider taking up a special offering for flood relief efforts this week?  Send funding to: Somebody Cares America, PO Box 925308, Houston, TX 77292

Thank you for praying, giving and caring!