The fires covering 750 square miles in California have prompted the largest evacuation in the history of that state. Some reports say up to one million people have been forced to evacuate, as thousands of homes are threatened by the growing fires. The disaster is already estimated to have caused $1 billion dollars in damage, but by the grace of God human life has been largely spared as only three deaths have been reported. One of our contacts used the word “traumatized” to describe the plight of those who are forced to evacuate the very homes they just rebuilt after the fires that swept through the same area just four years ago. One of our SCA ministry partners has arrived in the area with the potable water truck Somebody Cares America purchased for them during Hurricane Katrina Relief. They are currently setting up feeding stations to provide hot meals for the volunteer relief workers and firefighters. “Tell Doug our biggest need right now is money!” they said, noting the high cost of fuel just to transport the portable kitchen and water truck, plus expenses to run the kitchen on-site. KJ’s Karts for Kids in Omaha, which was started during Katrina relief by KJ Louis (who was five years old at the time), is already beginning a Christmas toy drive and will once again be partnering with Somebody Cares for distribution. SCA has also been in touch with World Blessing Foundation in Claremont, FourSquare, and others who are positioned to forward material needs and assessments once the fires end. One thing is for sure: the needs will be great! Your donation now of $25 or more will help us meet these very real needs! Make your donation at and please note “California Fire Relief” in the memo. Or send your donation by mail to Somebody Cares America, PO Box 570007, Houston TX 77257. If you have material resources to aid in relief efforts, please send us an email at [email protected]. “We need your help as we continue to empower the body of Christ in Southern California,” says SCA founder and president, Doug Stringer. “This is truly an occasion for our testimony, as we read in Luke 21:13.” Thank you for caring! Gift Cards In addition to your financial support, we also suggest collecting and donating gift cards for retail stores, grocery stores, etc., to help meet practical needs for those who have lost their belongings. “Gift cards proved to be an invaluable resource during relief efforts for Katrina and Rita,” Doug Stringer says. You can send your cards to SCA at PO Box 570007, Houston TX 77257, or call us at 713-621-1498 if you would like to ship to our street address. Prayer Requests That many would turn to God and consider the spiritual aspects of this great disaster. For favorable weather to deter the growing fires (specifically, for the winds to die down). Recovery and healing for the two

dozen firefighters who have been injured. Peace and encouragement for the victims who have evacuated and for the many people in shelters who are very vulnerable, uncertain, and shaken. The congregations whose buildings have been destroyed by the fire. Pray encouragement and guidance over these congregations, so that they can be a source of hope to those outside their congregations who are suffering. Wisdom for government and emergency management leaders to respond effectively To join Somebody Cares America in impacting lives and bringing relief to those in trouble, please DONATE NOW!