SCA Network reaches out to hurting families in Louisiana bayous; 50k meals served in Houma

Darrin and Kathy live in Chauvin, Louisiana, where they are raising their three grandchildren. When Hurricane Ida tore the roof off their trailer, everything was destroyed. Kathy was devastated to have lost her grandmother’s depression-era glass collection, along with everything else. They put plastic over the top of their trailer and have been tearing out sheetrock and baseboards that are already molding. The kids are sleeping in a small tent on the back porch, but the smells of mold and sheetrock dust blow through onto the porch, making it difficult to breathe. The home has no water or electricity, and may not have any for weeks. Someone donated a box fan, but they laughed saying that the wind would have to power it. They go to various neighbors to use the restroom because they don’t want to wear out their welcome by going to just one.

Volunteers delivered food, hygiene products, toiletries, cleaning products, and hot meals from the SCA site at Living Word, along with solar lights SCA had procured. Kathy had tears as she expressed gratitude for the lights because she and the children are all scared in the dark.

“We aren’t seeing it on the news, but the need is great and ongoing,” Jodie adds.

Thousands of individuals like Dan and Kathy have been served by our Ida relief sites in Houma, St. Rose, and Picayune, Miss. By the end of this week, our SCA site in the Houma, La, area will have served over 50,000 hot meals since Hurricane Ida hit, along with giving out groceries and other supplies to thousands of families and comfort bears for the children.

“We are also supplying PODS located in the bayous in other impacted areas where it’s going to take several more weeks before power is restored,” says SCA Vice President Jodie Chiricosta.

The manager of a nearby senior community had 30 elderly residents who had been without power, water, and other essentials since the storm. Being in her ninth month of pregnancy, she came to the Somebody Cares site at Living Word and asked SCA’s Mark Roye for help. Mark enlisted volunteers from partner CRI, who were working at the site, and they began delivering daily meals.

“We not only deliver the meals, we also spend time with them and minister to them,” said CRI’s Evan Malone.
Another family came to church last Sunday and gave their lives to Jesus. They had been coming to the site for assistance, and God touched the hearts through the outpouring of love and care.

In Picayune, SCA partner Resurrection Life continues to empower local churches by distributing supplies that were directed to the RL warehouse by SCA and other partners. Six churches have received materials, and a team from RL gutted a church in LaFitte, Louisiana. Volunteers are also assisting local elderly residents with tree removal. “We are transitioning from relief to long-term help, like repairing roofs,” says Pastor Allen Hickman.

Your donation today will help us continue reaching those who have experienced such incredible loss from this storm.

Special thanks to partners Mercury One, Burnt Offerings BBQ, CRI, Kiolbasa Meats, Cajun Navy, United Rescue Alliance, Watts of Love, Midwest Food Bank, Flying Tiger Aviation School, HEB, Starland Charities, Ally Force, Living Word Church, First Assembly of Kerrville, New Covenant Church of Humble, Resurrection Life, Inner Cry Ministries, Heart Ministries, Tru-Lite Gas Products, Goya Foods, Hill Country Cool, and many others, along with each of you who have provided prayers and financial support.

Thank you for caring!