Assessments continue to come in.  The need is often expressed through simple stories of encounters along they way – both heartwarming and heart wrenching,  The devastation is so wide spread.  The national media coverage is not doing it justice.  Millions of people have to rebuild their lives.  And Somebody Cares will be there to help those we can – with your help.  Please give generously today!

Tuesday, September 16th – Somebody Cares Southeast Texas

Angela and I were at this cemetery today in Orange, TX. it was a surreal site, as we were moving through the City of Orange and Bridge City comforting widows, single moms, the elderly and very poor and desperate families, our hearts were moved with compassion again. The people of this county invited us into their water damaged homes with welcome arms. We had the privilege of witnessing, praying and laughing a little bit too with different ones. Their pain and sorrow is great, yet they are more concerned for their fellow neighbors, wow!! One widow lady greeted us with tears in her eyes, as she had just recovered from Hurricane Rita and now Hurricane Ike has destroyed all she has again. As we listened to her story, and we gave her hope in Jesus in the midst of her crisis and told her we will do what we can to help.

We were both reminded of the fact that we do this for our King and only to bring glory to His name!  Here are a few pictures of the day.


Bryan & Angela Pressley


Brothers & Sisters,

Today I was in Lumberton TX. and as I was buying some food, I was approached by about 4 or 5 Individuals that had noticed my Somebody Cares and Emergency Responder Badges, these people were from the Big Thicket/ Saratoga Area in the backwoods of Southeast TX. They began to explain to me the damage and the needs of their area ( no running water, down trees on their homes, no ice, exposure to the elements, no food, etc. )  What I heard was a cry of desperation in their voice as they told me their community had been forgotten.

The look in their eyes would break your heart. My friends, this is the fuel that keeps our fire of passion burning for the hurting and the desperate people of Southeast TX.  The church must be the bridge of compassion to the world, this is our opportunity to shine for Christ and bring glory to our Father in Heaven.

In His Service,

Angela Pressley


Somebody Cares Southeast Texas

  •  Generators and some food stuffs were delivered to this area at around 8:00pm this night.

Tuesday, September 16th – Somebody Cares Jasper/Newton County

Our day began at 6:30 A.M. this morning and I locked up at 8:45 P.M. tonight.  We distributed over 6,300 gallons of water, over 2,000 MRE meals, and over 240 tarps, in addition to hours and hours of big smiles, listening ears, loving touches, totally accepting hugs.  We are also hosting 16 National Guardsmen and 5 DPS Officers from other regions of Texas.  We provide meals, showers, and air conditioned places to sleep for the National Guardsmen.

Since our last Conference Call and then my appeal for intercessors through Pray Texas, National Day of Prayer, and Texas Apostolic Prayer Network things have really gone well at the Kirbyville Point of Distribution (POD).  Within minutes after my appeal, a full load of ice showed up, then MREs and more water.  The DPS Officers commented about how orderly, peaceful, and under control our scene was.  The National Guardsmen have turned in a request to their superiors for a return assignment to the Kirbyville POD when the next incident occurs.  They said that they have never been treated so well, given so much honor, and participated in such a positive and well-organized effort.

A Corps of Engineers Officer came by today to assess our POD.  He was surprised to learn that we had been operational for three days and that everyone and everything was flowing so well.  He told me that most PODs were just beginning their first day with a great need of organization and administration.  He said that he was sent to train us and help us get going, but he could see that all he needed to do was report to his superiors and go on to the next POD.

Another amazing happening could be viewed as a nuisance and another example of governmental mis-direction, but I am enjoying helping give correct information and directions to truck drivers headed to various PODs in East Texas.  Somehow, my name and/or phone number is being given to the drivers hauling supplies, even though Kirbyville is not their destination.  As they call, I help them find the right contact person and directions to their destination POD.

I wish I had a video to send of Beverly administrating the Church members, National Guardsmen, Firemen, and community volunteers working on the line distributing the relief supplies to those driving through our parking lot.  She is the backbone of what we are doing to help people.

Pastor Charles Z. Burchett


September 16th – Somebody Cares Houston

The temporary office has gotten some order so Doug Stringer was able to start visiting sites throughout the city to lend encouragement and direct resources to places of need.  He helped deliver and unload a truck of ice in one location.  Encouraged workers at Camp Hope, the Somebody Cares POD located at Grace Community Church, and coordinated the receiving of numerous other product donations currently on their way to the disaster zone.

Generators that will be distributed all the way up to Cleveland, TX are on the way with food stuffs and drinks.  One of these generators will serve a Doctors office in Cleveland so that is can open to begin helping the community.  This will be the first and only one to open since the storm.  The doctor has been treating patients that have made their way to her home so opening the office where all her medical supplies are will be a huge help to the area.

Please continue to pray for the workers and those who have suffered so much lose.  Won’t you join us in reaching those in need? Give a generous donation today!