Somebody Cares VP, Jodie Chiricosta and team arrived in Tokyo on March 14, 2011. This is a 3-person team for initial assessment including Dr. Louie Rosado from MMA one of our SC International partners and Mike May of Somebody Cares Humble.

Containers of supplies are being prepared to ship including 10 truck-loads of water and additional nutritional items. We are working on procuring food, hygiene items, medical supplies and medicines at this time through partner organizations and groups.
One of our Core Values at Somebody Cares is to try to direct resources to the organizations, churches and ministries in an area, as they already have a heart for and know the community. When the other organizations leave, these local leaders are still left with the long-term journey of healing and rebuilding.

That is why we are committed to doing what we can to keep as much attention on the long-term empowerment of the local partners. We are working with those who have already given their hearts and time to serve the Japanese people. Our Somebody Cares team in on-the-ground connecting with those individuals and organizations who are working in Japan. Please pray for divine wisdom and favor as our SC team coordinates efforts with them.

On a personal note, as you know, my late mother was Japanese. I was born in Japan and still have relatives in Japan. My heart aches, but know that we can see Tragedy become Truimph and despair turn into hope for those who have been devastated.

May you and I see with our eyes, what our hearts have prayed and believed for, for Japan.

Blessings, your fellow servant in Christ,

Doug Stringer
Somebody Cares America

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