Investing in the Future!

Humble, TX – Todd* came to Fuel Cyber Café to see the bands perform. He was blown away by the love and acceptance he found at this outreach of Somebody Cares Humble. Being raised by a working Mom left him with little adult supervision and almost no positive male role models. When he found caring adults willingly to invest their lives in his, it was like salve for his wounded soul.

Todd was interested and talented in music but without a lot of help, college was not an option. Finances were tight and he had no idea how to get money for school and no one walk him through the process. Then he entered the Fuel Leadership program. By completing the program he could earn a full year’s scholarship to the local Junior College. The program, among other things, required:

  • 250 community service hours
  • Attendance in leadership classes and the local church of his choice
  • No alcohol, drugs, or tobacco
  • No truancies
  • And graduating with a “C” grade point average or better.

And that is just what he did! Todd was in the program throughout High School serving on the music mixing board during Fuel concerts and helping in other areas too. When he graduated, Todd was able to fulfill his dream of college. Now graduated from college, his in on staff as worship leader at his local church!

Todd is just one of 17 young people in the last six years who have received a scholarship through Fuel. One is now an RN at a local hospital; a few are working in business; and several serve our country in the Marine Corp! Those still in college are pursuing degrees as diverse as geology and art!

Rev. Buddy Hicks, Founder of Fuel, says “the rewards of seeing a young person turn his or her life around, develop a relationship with Christ, and head in a positive direction is worth any investment. The dividends are immediate and eternal!”

Right now 63 more teens are in the Leadership program and many see a bright future for the first time. And Fuel is a tangible express of Christ to hundreds of other teens every month through the Skate Park and Cyber Café.

The amazing results are possible because of the dedicated network of Somebody Cares Humble. Adult staff and volunteers lay down their lives for these kids; and individuals and businesses continue to invest in their future, the result is changed lives!

One example of a business that cares about the kids is Administaff. Administaff helps underwrite some of the on-going operating costs of the Skate Park; and recently made it possible for Fuel to get a new HVAC system.

Through Somebody Cares, people and businesses across the country and around the world are investing in the future of this emerging generation. Won’t you join the cause by giving of yourself today!

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of hurting teens! Donate Now!

*Name changed.