Hurricane Irma Relief

Like many, we rejoice that Hurricane Irma did not inflict the level of devastation on Florida that was predicted. But Irma did storm ashore as a Category 3 storm and caused coastal flooding, widespread power outages, and wind damage even into the Carolinas.

Somebody Cares is responding through our chapters in Tampa Bay and St. Augustine, providing hot meals to those without power; assisting those flooded with cleaning supplies as well as some teams to help with clean up; and helping the homeless population in St. John’s county who lost tents and their limited possessions in the storm. The needs will undoubtedly grow as the roads in southern Florida open up.

Please continue to pray for those impacted by Irma, and consider donating to help with our relief efforts in Florida!


Harvey Relief and Recovery Continues

Somebody Cares continues to engage in the massive relief and recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Truckloads of supplies are being brought in and distributed throughout the Texas Gulf Coast region. Hot meals are still being provided by the
thousands every day. Clean up teams are being dispatched from partner churches. Gift cards are being given to churches for individuals in their communities who lost so much. Assistance is being offered to churches that are reaching out in the midst of their own need. And even three weeks after the storm slammed ashore, we are still uncovering new needs and communities that have not yet received critical supplies!

In the midst of the masses, we are taking care of individual needs:

  • We learned of a family that needed help so the breadwinner could get fuel to go to work. We were able to provide them with gift cards to meet that need through one of our close ministry partners.
  • Another church let us know of a family whose home was devastated, and all they asked for was a mattress for their Mama. Praise the Lord we had a new mattress in stock that we are sending her way.
  • An elementary school principal expressed his appreciation for various supplies donated to his students and their families. “We can’t meet their academic needs until we meet their basic needs,” he said.

The recovery efforts will continue for a long time. We covet your prayers for all those impacted by Harvey, those responding to the needs, and volunteers planning to come help over the next few months. Please also consider a gift to help with the long road to recovery!

Thank you for caring!