“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Amanda, a resident of Letcher County, Kentucky, and a flood survivor. “I’m thankful I was able to help.”

Amanda was awakened from her sleep at 3:30am on July 28 from flood alerts on her phone. She woke up her husband, and they sprung into action. She opened up her Facebook page and saw posts from friends and neighbors who were in danger. While she called 911, her husband hopped in the side-by-side UTV and began heading out to help. “I called 911 for about 40 people,” she said, “and my husband rescued about 40 people.”

Her husband brought many of the people to their home, which is on high ground. “We had about 22 people in my house at one point,” Amanda recalls.

Now, Amanda is living at a local campground in a borrowed camper because she let an elderly couple who lost their home move into hers. She introduced us to another family at the campground, a young couple with a toddler who also lost their home and their livelihood. Ironically, they met one summer while camping at this same site. The family is now living in a camper they were able to obtain because Amanda co-signed for the loan. SCA’s Communications Director, Belinda Thacker, was able to pray with them, provide gift cards, and give a comfort bear to their little son, Cash.

“We lost everything,” said Cash’s mom. “This is our home now. It’s different. But we’re grateful for all of the help.”

SCA Response Coordinator Mark Roye often quotes the late Fred Rodgers in saying, “Look for the helpers.” We are thankful for helpers like Amanda; the fire chief of nearby Mayking; the County Coroner, Renee; Pastor Sizemore from New Beginnings Church in Jenkins; our relief partners (YAIpak Outreach, CRI, Somebody Cares San Antonio, Mercury One); and each of you who have contributed with your giving.

You are helping us meet urgent requests for tents, sleeping bags, cleaning supplies, and equipment for the clean-up. We’re also distributing gift cards to help families with fuel, medicine, and unique needs; solar powered lamps for area still without power; and comfort bears for the children.

We are currently assembling a tool trailer for use in the hard hit community of Jenkins so residents there will have what they need to clean up and begin repairing homes.

“The flood recovery in Eastern Kentucky will be a monumental undertaking,” said Jodie Chiricosta, SCA Vice President. “Please pray for our partners and other first responders working in devastated areas. Pray also for all those who lost homes and families as well as for the local churches who will be serving them.”

Please give today! Thank you for caring!