This inspiring episode shares true stories of people who have pressed through tragic situations due to natural and personal disaster. They recognize God’s intervention in their lives and are moving forward with new joy and hope.
Produced by Doug Stringer and Somebody Cares America


“Doug is not a “fly-over” leader in the most difficult moments of life, coming to sprinkle empty platitudes on tragedy. With integrity, I’ve watched him be a feet-on-the-ground and get-your-hands-dirty leader, so he knows the reality of the worst pain people face. And his message of hope in Christ is grounded in the reality of who God can be in our lives.  Listen to Doug . . . he’s the real thing!”

Dr. Roger Parrott

President, Belhaven University


“After seeing the pilot of ³Life Beyond the Moment,² I am delighted to see a program that can truly be helpful. So many times in tough times we hear an increase in preaching, but woefully little in the way of testimonials to the Lord¹s faithfulness, mercy and REAL HELP. This new program that Doug Stringer and Somebody Cares has developed is a most encouraging and timely resource. I encourage everyone who is in particular need in these days or knows someone else who has great need, to see and support ³Life Beyond the Moment.² It will become one of your greatest assets for encouragement and ministry.”

Randall J. Pannell, M.Div., Ph.D.

Academic Dean, School of Divinity

Regent University


“In ³Life Beyond the Moment²  Doug Stringer and Somebody Cares chronicle physical and emotional devastation in the wake of natural disasters, and the relief that comes through simply showing up and doing whatever can be done to meet practical needs.  Doug¹s authentic compassion, concern, and effectiveness bring hope and healing to people in dire circumstances.  This program will open your eyes to suffering, and perhaps make you think about what you can do personally to be a vessel of compassion for hurting people in your own neighborhood and around the world.”

Julie Fairchild

Partner, Lovell Fairchild Communications


“Watched the program.very powerful testimonies!  The life and work of Doug Stringer–shown throughout a lifetime of kind acts and powerful words, is a

testimony of the Power of Christ in his life, and in the lives he has touched.  BE INSPIRED as you watch this program.”

Ken Hulme

Sr Producer, The 700 Club

³Life Beyond the Moment² with Doug Stringer is an encouraging and hopeful message for these turbulent days. It¹s a wonderful reflection of what God has called his Kingdom to be on the earth.”

Bob Whitaker, Jr.

Vice President

Whitaker House Publishers


“Like the Psalms, Doug Stringer¹s new TV program ³Life Beyond the Moment² does a great job of reminding us that we are here on this earth for a very, very short time. During this brief sojourn, we will all, at one time or another, encounter moments when our need is greater than our capacity. We may lose our jobs to an economic downturn. We may lose our homes or possessions to a natural disaster. We may lose our health to an epidemic or armed conflict. But whatever comes our way, Doug Stringer reminds us that we are here TOGETHER. People are remarkably resilient as long as they know someone cares. In ³Life Beyond the Moment² he helps us to refocus on the needs that have long been relegated to the peripheral vision of our lives. He reminds us that leaving others alone in their time of crisis is the greatest disaster of all.”

George Otis, Jr

Founder and President, The Sentinel Group


“Thank you for letting me watch your TV program. Congratulations! I was completely moved, not only to tears, but motivated and challenged to step out in times of trials. I know you guys do this everyday, but looking in from the outside makes you really think. It made me appreciate all that I have, and to do more to help others. I do hope and pray this will go out to the multitude. When you give hope to the hopeless, seeing communities come together, my heart strings got pulled. I also loved the music! THANK YOU.

I found “Life Beyond the Moment” in a word… POWERFUL.”

Lisa Abbott

PalmTree Films

³Doug Stringer has the unique ability to draw out the truth of a sovereign God in the midst of tragedy and despair ­ Life Beyond the Moment is a production that epitomizes this fundamental truth!²

Mike Jeffs

Australian Christian Channel