As a member of the Prayer & Crisis Referral Network (PCRN), Somebody Cares helps bring hope to desperate callers through our 24/7 Prayer & Crisis hotline. Working with partners like SCA, The War Room Movie, radio networks, and others, the PCRN prayed with over 9,000 callers in the month of June. And six people, including a baby, are alive today because of the network.

“Within three hours one day, five people decided to take their lives and we were able to save each life,” says PCRN founder Linda Morrison. In one instance, a distraught young girl whose boyfriend wanted her to have an abortion thought her only solution was to end her life, along with that of the baby. The trained PCRN volunteer heard the bottle of pills jingling in the background.

“We contacted the police immediately,” Linda recalls. “They sent an ambulance and let us know she is going to live. Praise God!”

Within minutes, another young man called. His wife had just committed suicide a few days earlier, leaving behind their child, just two months old. At 23 years of age, she had been experiencing postpartum depression and taking prescribed drugs.

“Her sweet husband was so devastated he wanted to jump in the grave right alongside her and end it all,” Linda says. “Fortunately, he decided to text us first and asked for prayer. He is alive today because we were there to answer that text, get his phone number, and call him back to encourage him that his baby needs a daddy.”

Three more callers’ lives were saved that day. While multiple extreme cases in such a short time is not a typical scenario, they are an eye-opening reminder on the importance of a 24/7 prayer line. “What would have happened if we were not there?” Linda says.

The SCA Prayer Line can be reached at 855-459-2273 (CARE). If you are interested in volunteering, please download a Prayer Line Volunteer Application. For more information, contact Linda at [email protected] or go to