With nowhere to turn, pregnant Tiffany and her 3 year old daughter, Adreenah, stood sobbing in a parking lot in Kirbyville, TX, home of Somebody Cares Jasper/Newton County (SCJN).

About two weeks prior, Tiffany’s husband had gotten a job at a chemical plant. On short notice, he told Tiffany to pack up a few things. He took her and their child from Mississippi to Kirbyville, Texas, drove up to a house she did not recognize, told her to get out, that he did not want to be married any more, and drove off. He left her and their child standing in his aunt’s yard, a woman she had never met. At that time Tiffany was about 3 1/2 months pregnant with their second child, and all she had to her name were a few clothes in a duffle bag.

Her husband’s aunt allowed Tiffany and her child to sleep on a small couch for about two weeks, taking care of Adreenah while Tiffany went to seek out employment, walking all over Kirbyville looking for a job. She finally found a job at Sonic, and had not even received her first paycheck when suddenly her husband’s aunt told her get out because they had other relatives coming.

That was the very same May evening that a group of ladies were gathered for a meeting at the church. As one of the ladies headed out to her car to grab something she’d forgotten, she heard crying in the parking lot. She turned to see a young woman standing there clutching a baby in her arms, sobbing so uncontrollably she couldn’t speak.  After taking the young lady inside and calming her down, the group found out their names and then her story came spilling out…

The group quickly contacted Charles and Beverly Burchett, directors of Somebody Cares Jasper/Newton County and pastor of First Baptist Church in Kirbyville. The Burchett’s sprang into action.  They got Tiffany and Adreenah a hotel room and over the next days, weeks and months continued to help in every conceivable way! Tiffany was so thankful she could hardly keep from breaking down in tears again.

Since then SCJN volunteers have helped Tiffany get into an apartment by covering the deposit, assisting with the first month’s rent, and turning on the utilities.  She needed another form of ID to move into the apartment, so SCJN took her to the courthouse in Jasper and helped secure the necessary document. They embraced her as family, taking turns driving Tiffany to and from work and providing childcare when needed while Tiffany, worked two jobs. She was working so hard that she began having problems with her pregnancy and eventually she had to quit the job at Sonic. Even then Tiffany would pull double shifts at Brookshire Brothers, but about the middle of September the doctor put her on maternity leave until after her baby was born. Since maternity leave is unpaid, SCJN continued their outreach to her with food, rent, utilities, and trips for doctor visits, etc. They also threw her a baby shower, and someone donated a car for the growing family.

Just recently, the newest addition to this little family arrived on October 8thSelena Emryie Faith weighed in at 6lb: 6ozs and 20” long!  Adreenah is now a big sister.

One SCJN team member told us, “I believe God always has a plan and a purpose when He brings people into our life! Since our heart is to know and do His will, I believe He will use us to more effectively complete His will in Jasper-Newton Counties. Through spending time with Tiffany, we learned that her mother had died about two years ago, and her father abandoned her and her mom when she was about a year old. Yet, at the tender age of 12, Tiffany made a profession of faith. Now in her early twenties, Tiffany is still a babe in Christ because she has not had very much discipleship, but is very eager to learn all she can about following Christ! She wants her daughters to be raised in a Christian environment. This is absolutely a praise report in progress!!”

Stories like this one from Jasper/Newton County reflect the heart of Somebody Cares in action. We strive to be “true witnesses that rescue lives” all over the country and around the world! Please continue to pray for Somebody Cares Jasper/Newton County and young mother Tiffany. And please consider a donation today so we can equip and empower many more to impact the lives of people like Tiffany and her two daughters.  Help Now!