Natural disasters and political upheaval of the past days have created tremendous need for prayers and practical assistance.

“We are heartbroken over the conditions in Haiti and Afghanistan, along with ongoing crises we have been assisting in other locations,” says Doug Stringer.

Please join us in praying for all who are affected by the situations listed below and prayerfully consider how you can help.

Haiti Earthquake
A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti this weekend, killing at least 1,200 people, injuring over 5,000, and leaving over 12,000 homes destroyed or heavily damaged. Doug Stringer and SCA/I Vice President, Jodie Chiricosta, have been in touch with on-site church and ministry friends, including those we partnered with in response to the tragic earthquake that hit the country in 2010.

“The people of Haiti have suffered a series of trauma, especially those who lived through the earthquake of 2010,” Doug explains. In addition, they are also reeling from current political unrest, the recent assassination of the President, and COVID-related difficulties.

Long-time friend and trusted ministry partner, Pastor C.J., tells us the destruction, as well as the trauma, have left people without shelter. Food is also scarce in the affected area. There is an urgent need for tarps and pop-up tents, along with other basic needs such as food and medical supplies. SCA/I is communicating with partners who have resources, but funds will be needed for shipping costs and in-country transportation, as well as for procuring relief supplies that are available in Haiti.

Please pray for the people of Haiti, and CLICK HERE to give toward Haiti relief.

Political Upheaval in Afghanistan
With the fall of the Afghan capital of Kabul this weekend, Christians in the country need our prayers for protection from the hostile Taliban regime. With airports closed, believers have no way to escape. Doug Stringer has been receiving messages from church leaders urgently requesting prayer and help for those whose lives are in danger. Please join us praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Volcanic Eruptions in St. Vincent
Since April, SCA/I has been in communication with our chapter in The Caribbean to bring relief to the island of St. Vincent in the aftermath of two volcanic eruptions. The ash that rained down collapsed roofs, destroyed crops, and even burned homes to the ground. Many families lost all their possessions. After living in shelters for 5 months, families are being encouraged to return home. They face the overwhelming task of clearing homes of ash and debris, rebuilding roofs, and replacing household essentials.

Somebody Cares Caribbean has sent a team to assess the situation and begin the clean-up process. Working with churches on the ground, they are identifying believers who need help replacing pots, pans, mattresses, kitchen staples, and other basic supplies. Children also need tablets to return to school online. John Lewis, Director of Somebody Cares Caribbean, estimates that $1,000 can help a family and their children with the most pressing resettlement needs.

While no longer in the news, these families are in urgent need. To help us with this and other long-term recovery needs in St. Vincent, please CLICK HERE, select “Other Fund,” and write “St. Vincent Volcano” in the memo.

Urgent need: Bomb Shelters for Northern Israel
While not in the daily news, conditions in Lebanon are deteriorating due to an economic collapse made worse by COVID and the Beirut port explosion. This has allowed Hezbollah and other groups to increasingly fire rockets into northern Israel. Bomb shelters are needed now to prepare for a worsening situation. Working with The Jewish Agency for Israel, SCA is raising funds for a bomb shelter in Northern Israel, where there are currently insufficient shelters to protect residents from rockets being fired from Lebanon, a stronghold of the terrorist group Hezbollah.

SCA can donate and dedicate a 12-person bomb shelter for $22,000 or a 25-person shelter for $30,000. CLICK HERE TO GIVE NOW! Please donate before September 1, 2021. Select “Bless Israel” from the drop-down menu.

U.S. Border Crisis
As the influx of immigrants increases along the Mexican border, SCA/I continues to partner with local churches that are meeting needs of migrants and residents on both sides of the border. Recent concerns include the number of migrants testing positive for COVID along with the number of those who are reported to be crossing with connections to cartels and terrorist groups. Please pray for all parties involved and that our government leaders will seek true wisdom as they make their decisions.

Floods & Wildfires
Wildfires in California and other western states have been burning for over a month, one of them destroying an entire town in its path. SCA is working with partners to determine potential needs, once the fire is extinguished and relief can begin. Meanwhile, SCA is sending gift cards to families in the small town of Carlisle, Kentucky, where over 100 homes were destroyed in a flash flood. Please pray for residents in both of these regions who have suffered immeasurable loss. CLICK HERE to donate toward relief in these and other efforts.