Last fall, wildfires raged throughout Texas, leaving families homeless and communities devastated. Somebody Cares and our partner ministries responded quickly to immediate needs even as the fires spread and took many homes. Months later we are still engaged with survivors in Bastrop, TX, as they rebuild their homes and lives.

Among those who lost homes are six pastors and their families. Yet in spite of their own loss, they were quick to put others first, giving all to try to meet the needs of congregants and neighbors who lost homes and businesses. Even now their ministry in the community continues — while shopping at the grocery store, they stop and take the time to reach out to those who have lost much to the fires. They pray with and comfort them, even as they themselves have nothing. Because they too have gone through the fire and are still suffering the results, these pastors are able to share real Truth.  Although they have lost a lot, they haven’t lost the most important thing: their faith and hope in Jesus Christ, and this is what they are able to share with others.

Somebody Cares has come alongside these pastors to be a tangible expression of God’s love in the community, but also to give tangible help to these pastors in their time of need. We are currently helping provide drywall and insulation for one of the uninsured pastors whose home is being rebuilt by skilled volunteers. And a Somebody Cares team recently returned from delivering computers, books and other resources as well as encouragement and prayer on a recent trip to Bastrop.

While meeting with local leaders and pastors amidst the ashes of a once vibrant community that is struggling to come back to life, we asked how people were really faring 6 months down the line. The stories told were eye-opening, and revealed how small towns across America prepare for, deal with, and recover from disaster.

Never had they imagined something like this happening in their town. One pastor said, “This disaster happening opened my eyes, and made me realize that the time for sticking one’s head in the sand like an ostrich, is over. Reality hit, and hit hard.”

Because of Somebody Cares partners and supporters, these pastors have not had to face the challenges alone. It is a privilege to continue partnering with these men and women and to bless them with much needed tools and resources as they pray and work for beauty to arise in their community out of the ashes.

Thank you for caring enough to help!