Torrential floods from Cyclone Komen have devastated multiple South Asian countries, leaving hundreds dead and millions displaced. Somebody Cares is sending support through Christian churches in Myanmar, where the death toll currently stands at 69, where 259,000 residents have lost their homes and belongings. The horrific flooding washed away homes, roads, and much of the country’s infrastructure in the flooded areas, and landslides destroyed homes and roadways on higher ground. Crops and livestock were also washed away, leaving little access to food or means for income. Scarcity of food has caused prices to

soar; a bag of rice that previously cost $30 is now over $100. Many people are living in temporary camps, with crowded conditions resulting in water, toilet, and sanitation issues, as well as lack of sleeping space. Somebody Cares is helping our partner ministries on the ground purchase and deliver rice and other badly needed supplies to hard hit areas. Currently the government is helping with these deliveries by helicopter due to washed out roads. Please pray for these people and for those on the frontlines serving them. Your support of $30, $50, $100 or any amount will help us continue bringing life-saving relief to Myanmar in the weeks to come. Please donate now!