November 18, 2013 Update (From partner ministry CRI)

Hi Doug,

Here is the latest…Just got back to Cebu. We got stuck up in Ormok with many people trying to leave Tacloban and hard hit areas so ferry is hard to get tickets for. We had to eventually hire a local fisherman and his very small boat to get us back to this island. Anyway the situation is desperate up there. There is a real lack of food and water. Tarps, candles and chainsaws are really needed. It’s a war zone right now. It will be at least 3-5 months till power can be restored. Good news is we got the food into the hands of 33 pastors there in the city. They are all working together and they distributed the food we brought. Should feed about 5000…but it’s not enough. There are so many areas like this that are not seeing any help. I’m back here in Cebu trying to get more pallets of rice, beans, sardines, tarps, candles and medicines on a boat with the incoming team of 20 people we have .

I have someone working on getting us a chopper or a c130 which could help get it there quicker but we won’t know for another day or so. We will set up a base camp at the main baptist church in town and use it for the next few weeks. This is on the south western side of Leyte about 2 hours from tacloban…most locals are frustrated that all the relief is focused there and so many places going without help. It looks like an F3 tornado in mots of these places.

We will split up teams and supplies to work with pastors to bring relief to the areas and people who they know need it most. We will empower the local church and things will get stewarded well. It’s a solid plan with potential long term impact. Will keep you posted.