God is doing amazing things in the prisons across the nation!

One story of how God can work in the hearts and lives of inmates is being lived out in Angola Prison.

At the end of September, Doug had the privilege being on of 25 leaders who had dinner with Governor Bobby Jindal and his wife Supriya to discuss an upcoming prayer event in Louisiana. The next morning they visited Angola Prison to minister and see what great things are taking place there with the inmates. Angola Prison system has become known for their rodeo, but more than that, it is now becoming known for it’s Christian influence!

They group heard incredible testimonies as dear friends, Pastor Rusty and Anne Griffin of Christian City Fellowship in Sealy, Texas shared how for several years God has had them go to Angola regularly to teach and train the inmates to be pastors. The inmates and prison guards were genuinely excited to see Rusty and Anne. The transformation that’s taking place there is being used as an example and prototype to other prison systems across the nation.

During the visit, the group also stopped at a church the inmates had built and met with some of the inmate pastors. Most of these inmates are in for life or on death row; but God has transformed their lives and they are truly new creations in Christ Jesus. They take seriously a mandate from the Lord to share their faith and challenge younger inmates to make right life choices and to commit their lives to Christ.

Although they are behind prison walls, these men have truly been set free!

As Doug talked about the day, he said “Throughout the day, I found myself often teary eyed as I sensed the presence of God and saw the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in authentically changed lives through Christ.”

Angola is not the only prison where God is at work.  A daughter of the ministry, Katherine Alex, is a chaplain at another prison in Louisiana. She tells of God at work there as well.  And we regularly receive requests for copies of Doug’s books Who’s Your Daddy Now? and Born to Die. These books are being used in Bible Study and discipleship groups among male and female inmates in Florida, Texas and other states.

One of our ministry partners told us that many of these prisoners have not had fathers in their lives and Who’s Your Daddy Now? has encouraged them and let them know there was a Father who loves them.

Please pray for these inmates who are so open to the Gospel!  And as Christmas approaches please help us continue to share the message that Jesus was born to die for them!

  • ·       $50 can provide Born to Die books and Study Guides for a group so 6 inmates seeking truth.
  • ·       $100 can give Who’s Your Daddy Now? books to 15 inmates who need to know the Father’s love

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