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Thank you for your interest in the Preparedness Peace self guided study book. To purchase this item please go to

We encourage people to pursue preparedness with others, but in an effort to get more people prepared, we created the Self Guided Preparedness Study.

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Thank you for your interest in the Preparedness Peace self guided study book. To purchase this item please go to


What is Preparedness Peace?
Preparedness Peace is a six session, basic home and family disaster preparedness course designed to build a foundation for a lifestyle of preparedness. In six action-packed lessons, you’ll learn how to ready your home and family for most types of disasters. This information will change your life.

Here is a small sample of each week’s subject:
Session 1 – Why Me? Why Prepare?
Session 2 – Teamwork & the Power of a Plan
Session 3 – Water Wise & Food Sense
Session 4 – Power Alley
Session 5 – Safe Home & Grab and Go Bags
Session 6 – Home Security

The Self Guided Study includes the following for each session:
• Viewer Guide – Fill in the blank questions
• Session Summary – Video content plus additional tips, strategies, and recommended preparedness gear
• Small Group Interaction – Discussion questions
• Biblical Focus and Discussion – Discussion and Prayer Focus for the week
• Preparedness Plan: Take Action – Tasks to ACCOMPLISH basic preparedness
• Are You Ready for This?! – Advanced preparedness solutions – resources, videos, websites, challenges, books, and Scripture
• Weekly Devotionals – Four days of Scripture and reflection questions and one day prayer focus (determined by facilitator).
• Appendix – Includes helpful articles, the bibliography, answer key to Viewer Guides
(fill in the blank questions), and disaster preparedness resource guides

Preparedness Supply Lists:
• Prep Step Inventory
• Grab and Go Bag
• Home Emergency Supplies
• Car Kit
• Three Week/Three Month Supply List
• Personal Awareness Quiz

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