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Was Jesus really who He said He was?  Did He really have to die?  These are real questions and they deserve real answers!  The “Who Was Jesus” booklet is written to help those searching sort through these questions and more!  Real testimonies and true stories are the tool to lead people to invite God to reveal Himself to them.  Sold only in bundles of 10  A great complement to go with the Born To Die Study Guide and book.  

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“Who Was Jesus” can be used as a stand alone evangelism piece or in partnership with our Born To Die Book and Study Guide.  Through testimony and story this short booklet was written to help those searching, sort through questions like “Was Jesus really who He said He was?” and “Did He really have to die?”  In the day of political correctness and increasing challenges of every kind. people are asking real questions!  Real questions need real answers!  As people read this simple booklet they will be encouraged to ask God to reveal Himself and as they do we are confident that He will!

The “Who Was Jesus” booklet sold only in bundles of 10.  A great compliment to go with the Born To Die Study Guide and book.  

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