Nearly a month after the 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast, Somebody Cares is committed to showing that Puerto Rico is not forgotten. Since then aftershocks have continued to rattle already compromised buildings and badly frayed nerves.

Many residents in the southern part of Puerto Rico are now sleeping in tents or tarps, as they are afraid to be indoors for too long. Other events have stolen the media headlines, leaving these desperate families feeling alone.

But they are not forgotten! Somebody Cares Puerto Rico has been ministering to these dear ones – meeting their physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

Realizing the recovery will take time and people will need on-going assistance, SCPR is starting an emergency Food Bank to help these families as well as those still struggling to recover from Hurricane Maria. They have requested a shipment of fortified rice meals, which are easy to prepare and provide the nutrients needed by the men, women, and children served.

Somebody Cares America/International can ship 285,000 fortified rice meals for just 4 cents meal! That will put food in a lot of hungry mouths! But, we need your help to get these nutritious meals to feed these precious souls.

Will you help?

Donation Amount/Number of Meals

$ 40 = 1,000 meals
$ 400 = 10,000 meals
$ 4,000 = 100,000 meals
$11,400 = Funds the entire load!

You can help us reach our goal by:

  1. Donating today
  2. Asking friends to donate
  3. Raising funds through a garage sale, bake sale, or other effort
  4. Asking your church, care group, or business colleagues to join together and help

Donate online by clicking here.

Text donation amount to: 805.422.7301 (805-I-CARE-01)

Mail gifts to: 

Somebody Cares America/International
PO Box 925308
Houston, TX 77092
(designate “Puerto Rico relief” on the check or insert)

Designated funds received in excess of shipping costs will be applied to meeting other urgent needs in Puerto Rico.

Thank you for caring!