We live in a nation divided. Division, fighting, and factions not only mark our nation but also the Church. The only answer to a nation divided is a Church united!

Somebody Cares invites churches across America to join us for Reconciliation Week, August 6-11, through intentional times of prayer and intercession. Here are ways you can participate:

  • On Sunday August 6, we encourage you to share a message and/or engage in a corporate prayer focused on being the Church reconciled. Through repentance, we take responsibility for the condition of the land; through declaration and compassionate action, we become ministers of reconciliation, the answer to Jesus’ prayer in John 17.
  • August 7 – 11, we will be releasing a daily corporate prayer focusing on the reconciled Church, followed by a call to become a tangible expression of Christ. Join us in daily prayer by checking this post for updates or  by accepting our Facebook event invitation here.
  • Gather with other churches or leaders in your community, crossing racial and denominational lines to pray and worship together. In Houston, we are concluding the week by gathering together at a church that was formerly one of only two theaters in the city where blacks could watch movies. But for over 50 years, it has been a beacon of hope and healing!
“As we become reconciled to one another, we become a plumb line of righteousness and justice,” says Doug Stringer. “Will you join us?”

For more information contact the Somebody Cares office by email or phone, 713-621-1498.