Somebody Cares network partners are rebuilding homes and lives! One year after tornados tore through Mayfield, KY Somebody Cares provided appliance packages for four new homes in the community.  Constructed for families who lost their homes in last year’s tornadoes,  the homes were built by the Hope Initiative.  This collaboration of churches and organizations formed for immediate relief efforts after the storm. They noticed a lot of help coming for home-owners but not for those  renting homes.

“These new homes offer a path to ownership,” explained Mike Hanover, Director. “They are offered on a 20-year note, interest-free, and only for the cost of any materials that are purchased for the construction.”

On December 10, the anniversary of the storm, the first three families received keys to their new homes!

One of the owners is a single mother. She was abandoned by her husband while pregnant with their child, now a toddler. Soon after that, she lost the home she was renting in the storm.

“I had always wanted to own a home but did not know how it would ever happen,” she said. “This is a blessing that came out of the storm.”

The lots have been purchased in a neighborhood previously known as “Crack Alley,” because of  drugs and crime. Now, God is using it for His glory. Nine houses, including these three, are being constructed initially.  But 15 lots are available with possibly more to come. As families move into these homes, they are rebuilding their lives!

Meanwhile, SCA also continues to assist flooded communities in Eastern Kentucky.  Supplies, gift cards,  winter clothing, heaters and more are being distributed to families impacted by last summer’s floods.

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