You may not recognize 78207 as one of the poorest zip codes in America, but Somebody Cares San Antonio (SCSA) knows it well. Led by Daily Bread Ministries out of their warehouse in 78207, SCSA reaches out to families in this struggling community with tangible help and hope!

Somebody Cares San Antonio – House Before Work

While meeting with community leaders, Chuck Farmer of Somebody Cares San Antonio, discovered that there are many elderly and disabled homeowners needing help with for property clean up and minor home repair in the area.

Like a disabled woman we will call Ruth. Ruth’s home was in very poor condition. City Code Compliance Officers found her and were so distressed by the situation they contacted Chuck for help. After a few phone calls a work crew was assembled with volunteers from the city magistrate’s office, code compliance officers, men from Last Chance Ministries, and men from Living Water Faith Men’s Home. The crew cleaned, cut, and pruned the yard and cleaned part of her house. Adult protective services also helped Ruth get medical treatment and rehabilitation at an area hospital. Her doctor said without quick intervention, Ruth could have died in her home.

Another elderly woman, we will call Margaret, made the evening news because she was living in a partially built home without utilities. For the past 10 years Margaret has done all her cooking on a stack of bricks and a grill grate due to a house fire. Margaret couldn’t afford to demolish her burned house or finish the one that was started for her. When SCSA learned of Margaret’s plight the work crew reassembled with additional volunteers from Faith Outreach International to help. Somebody Cares San Antonio demolished her burned house and hauled off five 25 yard dumpster loads of debris. They also committed to finish the small home that had already been started. The home should be finished with utilities all turned on in time for Thanksgiving!

Somebody Cares also assisted an elderly disabled Viet-Nam veteran and his wife whose home topped the city’s list for worst code violations. The couple were hoarders and very wary of strangers. SCSA offered to paint their home, install a water heater and front porch as well as do other minor home repairs if the crew could clean their yard. Chuck Farmer calmed their fears by assuring them the crew represented Jesus Christ and was there to help them clean up and fix up their home. The husband asked what the catch was, and his wife asked if the team could also do some plumbing, provide a water heater and fix a leak in the roof – the answer was a resounding YES!

Somebody Cares San Antonio – House After work

SCSA assembled 200 plus volunteers over a week and a half to do the job. They hauled off a little more than 28 tons of garbage as well as two cars and a truck. They trimmed trees and shrubs, installed a new water heater, built a new front porch, had a gas meter installed, laid a gravel driveway to replace old carpet scraps laid down around the house, repaired the leak in the roof, fixed several leaky faucets, and painted the house white with green trim. When the project was complete, the team prayed with the code compliance officers, the home owners, and the H.O.A. president of the subdivision. All were in tears, and said they had never experienced anything like this in their lives.

As each home has been restored, hope has also been restored. Chuck is grateful God continues “allowing us to be at the right place at the right time for His purpose.” In each situation, God has been glorified by the tangible expressions of His love to the hurting through this faithful Somebody Cares Chapter.

Somebody Cares San Antonio – House Work Crew

There are many elderly, disabled and hurting families around the country who need hope and to know Somebody Cares. And Somebody Cares Chapters and Centers are reaching out with God’s love. Faithful partners like you make it possible. Will you reach others with God’s love and hope in their time of need by giving today?

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