Hot meals and more are on the way to those left with no power, water or supplies in the wake of SuperStorm Sandy. Millions in the region are still without power as temperatures drop and flood waters persist. On the Lower East Side of Manhattan, thousands of people are living in high-rise apartments with no electricity or running water. They have to climb up and down stairs with buckets to get drinking water from spigots on the street. This is particularly difficult for shut-ins and the elderly. Most have not had a hot meal in days. But thanks for Somebody Cares network partners Abounding Grace church and Mercy Chefs that is about to change. Somebody Cares was able to coordinate a Mercy Chef mobile kitchen to the site of Abounding Grace church, which serves Lower East Manhattan. Hot meals are schedule to begin tomorrow. And with the help of Somebody Cares network volunteers meals will be delivered to shut-ins and the elderly as well.

In fact, Somebody Cares Network partners have relief supplies and assistance rolling in from across the country to meet needs identified through Somebody Cares ministry partners on the ground in devastated communities.

  • Somebody Cares Mobile Outreach is deploying to help with assessments and supply distribution.
  • Blood-N-Fire Holy Smokers are en-route to set up additional feeding stations in hard hit communities.
  • Victim Relief Ministries chaplains are mobilizing to deploy.
  • Christian World Embassy of Texas is providing a shower trailer and distribution point to the Hackensack, NJ area so families can access needed supplies.
  • New York Christian Resource Center is coordinating the receipt and distribution of water, non-perishable food and other necessities throughout the New York area.
  • CRI is assessing suburban and rural needs in New Jersey, New York, and Virginia as well as sending teams to aid residents.
  • Tree removal specialists are on stand-by to aid in communities wrecked by high winds.
  • Mercury One is sending in a truckload of emergency supplies to Coney Island, NY and is partnering with us throughout the region.
  • Relief supplies like water, non-perishable foods, hygiene items and more are being procured and collected by Somebody Cares Chapters and other ministry partners around the country for Sandy’s victims.
  • And more!

Sandy’s cut a huge path of destruction in the most densely populated region of the country. So as each moment passes,

we discover more urgent needs. Right now we have requests for:

  • Bottled water
  • Non-Perishable food: canned foods, crackers, rice, sanitary products, pasta, powered drinks etc….
  • Hygiene Items
  • Blankets
  • Batteries
  • Sanitary & Hygiene Items
  • Funding to procure and transport supplies to devastated areas

Here are some examples of what your donation can do!

  • $25 can provide 10 hot meals to Sandy victims
  • $50 can give diapers and baby supplies to 2 families
  • $100 can supply drinking water to 250 people
  • $500 can purchase hygiene kits for 50 men and women
  • $1000 can help transport an entire truckload of relief items from a neighboring state

Any donations can help purchase gift cards for victims and much more! We are grateful to our partners for the tremendous response so far but the need will grow over the next few weeks and the road to recovery will be long. Please join the net that works to aid Sandy survivors with your gift today!